Some help needed


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Hi guys / girls - wonder if you can help!

I bought an S4 Avant last year and put an Audi Extended Warranty on it. My S-Tronic box has failed and Mondial are refusing to honour the warranty claim because the car did not have the S-Tronic oil change at 40,000 miles. I won't mention the Audi Dealer name but they instead changed the S-Tronic oil at 42,000 miles.

Am I being unreasonable in thinking this is totally insane? And that Audi UK should foot the bill? It is in excess of £8000.

Any help or advice would be really welcome, it has really knocked me for six!


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best you can hope for is a good will from audi.

thee in the right for refuseing the claim it should be done at 40K


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instead changed the S-Tronic oil at 42,000 miles.

maybe the previous owner didn't book it in in time.

so cant really blame audi for when they changed it.


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Definitely raise a case with Audi UK Customer Services.

Ask them to clarify what the situation would be if the box had failed at 40,001 miles.


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So it was 2k miles late and they refuse? A box will NOT break because oil has not been changed (you either had a leak or part failure) it's just to keep it all moving smoothly and resetted as it will fluctuate the timing of gears over time.

Hit them with mechanical knowledge with a manager at audi garage. That's what I did to get a replacment engine fitted foc as they wouldn't of if I hadn't.


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Duty has a greater effect on the life of a gearbox than miles.
It's a typical insurance company response - happy to take your money but looking for any excuse to avoid paying out what you are due.
Ask the Audi dealership that did the oil change to confirm in writing that the gearbox was in good order at the time and that 42000 mile service was a reasonable time to change it... after all it's only 5% over the 40000 mile recommended interval.


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Threaten to take the warranty insurer to court on the grounds that you/previous owner have acted reasonably in carrying out the oil change only 2,000 miles over the recommended interval.


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Was this car bought as used approved, or are you the original owner from new?