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Solution for RS3 brake problems

Phenyl85 Aug 25, 2017

  1. Phenyl85

    Phenyl85 New Member

    Dear fellow RS drivers,

    A lot of you unfortunately experience problems with the brakes on your RS (especially the RS3 8V).
    Despite Audi’s efforts to fix this problem they haven’t managed to do so. For that reason Luc and I started developing a solution ourselves. And we are happy to tell you the agony is finally over! After a period of extensive testing, fitting, reshaping and optimization there finally is a solution for the (thermal) brake problems.

    The developed set is available for the Audi RS3 (8V, 8V.2, 8P) and the TTRS (8S and 8J).

    We have been testing for a year in real life with multiple prototypes. Last week the finished air deflectors were tested on a dyno with road wind simulation to thermally validate this kit on a real RS. The results were above any expectations. A difference of 24-28% in disc temperature has been measured for multiple times.

    Test procedure
    We have been heating the brakes up for multiple times to peak temperatures: 290- 400°C. Then the brakes were left to cool with road wind simulation for 30sec @ 100km/h (1 side with air deflector, and the other side without any cooling; such as the RS3 8V and 8V.2, they have no air deflector whatsoever).



    We only have limited production facilities and already received over 20 orders. Therefore we would like to ask you to place pre-orders. That way we can manage the production and keep the waiting times to a minimum.
    Pre-orders can be placed by sending a private message to me or replying in this topic.

    The deflectors are 3 dimensionally aero optimized in AutoCAD. They are being 3D printed out of PETG which is heat-, water-, salt- and road grime resistant. The set is tested up to >300km/h.


    The Audi RS cooling Kit includes:
    1 Left air deflector
    1 Right air deflector
    1 set of attaching material
    Installation instruction
    Instruction to modify the OEM brake dust shields (for an even better effect of the scoops we recommend to modify the OEM brake dust shields as they are 100% closed for the RS3 8V, resulting in major heat issues)

    And ofcourse a picture of the fitment of the prototype (the holes are not there anymore now that was just for the prototype)

    The price for the complete kit is: € 229,-
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  3. Phenyl85

    Phenyl85 New Member

    Did some more testing today on the grossglockner in Austria together with an Audi RS3 8V.
    With cooling the discs were 41*C and the RS3 8V without cooling were 119*C.

    After 20km's of downhill from the Grossglockner the temperature with cooling was 143*C and without cooling >250*C.
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  4. Aoon_M

    Aoon_M Well-Known Member

    Great solution Mark. You can have the best braking system in the world and its still not good enough without cooling.
  5. mossback

    mossback A4 Avant - S line: K04

    are you still in production for this part? If so am interested.
  6. Keithm

    Keithm New Member

    Interesting article and product
  7. AudiNutta

    AudiNutta Well-Known Member Team Racing Blue Mica Sportback Audi RS3 quattro

    Not looking to put a downer on this, but Audi now have their own solution for this and was factory fitted to my Facelift? How does it compare?
  8. Spinstorm

    Spinstorm Well-Known Member

    So I have booked my car in for end of June to sort out the squeaking brakes and rattling sun roof.

    Obviously its not exactly acceptable that I have a dodgy steering wheel, an engine fault (which wasn’t fixed) and then on top of that rattles and squeaks. This is a £55k car and my Golf R that was half the price had no problems at all. I don’t know what they will do with the breaks but I went for a test drive with a technician and he could hear both the break and roof noise. I just hit 10k yesterday as well.

    I have asked for an RS car as a courtesy car from Audi CS and I am hopeful that they will be able to provide one based on the email they sent me; but we will see.
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  9. terminator x

    terminator x Well-Known Member

    When I got a courtesy car from Audi it was a battered old A3 diesel, not even cleaned inside before I took it :rage:

  10. T-800

    T-800 Well-Known Member VCDS Map User It's my birthday

    Valued customer
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