1. JamesW1994

    Rumble and Vibrations around corners

    I'm looking for advice on my 2019 RS3 Sportback. When going around corners, a rumbling noise accompanied by a vibration spreads throughout the whole car, particularly noticeable on full lock, and it seems to be coming from the rear. Interestingly, this issue only occurs when the car has warmed...
  2. D

    Need a recommendation for a good Brake pad/rotor setup. Regular/non-ceramic brakes FL RS3V2 Sedan

    I will have to change soon my Rotors & Pads on my RS3 Facelift Sedan 2018, don't know if I should go just OEM with the Brembo's or spend some extra bucks on the DBA's rotors and pads, do ya'll have any good recommendations setups. Thanks for help.
  3. M

    RS3 JL micro Subwoofer install (stealth)

    Hi all thought I would post a thread for the stealth JL subwoofer install I did on my RS3 saloon FL 2018 (NON-B&O) for anyone who's disappointed on the standard audio! Even though the RS3 saloon does have a factory fitted subwoofer in the rear deck. Before I start I am by no means a...
  4. max69vk

    For Sale Various A3 & S3 8P parts to sell

    I haven’t been on here for a while & having only just sold my S-Line after nearly 11 years I’m now left with a garage full of parts that I won’t ever be using. I’ll try to keep updating this thread with the more bits that I find, (as & when I find them, which may take some time!). Starting off…...
  5. A

    RS3 attempted theft twice!

    Evening all, I’ve never really been an active contributor on these forums, more of a lurker when I have an issue and there tends to be someone with a solution. Unfortunately, I thought it may be worth to make this thread to let some be aware of whats going on and share my experience. For...
  6. R

    RS3 - Error Codes

    The two error codes are appearing on scan. P0016 - Crankshaft Position - Camshaft Position Correlation Bank 1 Sensor A. P0420 - Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold Bank 1 The noticeable issue I’m having with the car is the I get the following error code Max Engine Speed: 4000 rpm...
  7. I

    Boot Liner - Upper or Lower?

    Hi I'm looking a boot mat for my car. I bought cheap and that is going back, so i'm looking at the below 2. I've got this Cool Liner "brand" in the X5 and it has stood the test of time. Question is: Is it upper or lower boot? I'm guessing upper with the battery in the back but wanted to check...
  8. S

    Advice on buying an RS3 8P

    Hi all, I have wanted an Audi RS3 8P since I first started driving 7 years ago. I am finally in a position where I can go and buy my *realistic* dream car. I have owned 2 8Ps before a 1.6FSI and a 2.0TDI. I have been looking online for spec lists but am struggling to find one for the 8P does...
  9. T

    For Sale 2014 Audi RSQ3

    For sale I have my Audi RSQ3 which has covered only 52k miles. The car comes with full service history, (last serviced 14/4/22 including Haldex) & MOT until November. Spec is as follows. *Private Plate Now Removed - New Reg DP14HWH* 2.5 TFSI 420bhp, R8 coil packs, NGKR Plugs, Leather RS...
  10. C

    DCC with Drive Select

    Hi Everyone, I've set my sights on the new RS3 Sportback Carbon Black, and have a question about the DCC Drive Select damper option: Is this achieved with different specification dampers or is it a software option that is enabled when the car is built? The reason I ask is that I'm mainly...
  11. Dan_k1

    RS/Honeycomb grill for S3

    Hi, Is anyone selling an RS grill with quattro lettering and badge holders no ACC for a 2019 S3 Saloon? I am based in the UK. Or anyone know where I can get one from? Under £300. Seen many coming from China on ebay not too sure if they come with quattro lettering and badge holders etc. And if...
  12. Zeus12

    For Sale Stage 3 MRC RS3 8P - 630 bhp - Misano Red - 75k miles

  13. N

    2021 S3 OR 2016 RS3

    Hey guys first post so excuse me if I'm posting it in the wrong place! I'm getting my driver's license very soon and I'm about to purchase my first car. I've looked at 2 cars which im very interested in but I need some guidance. First car - S3 2020-2021 model, driven 18500 miles Price US$90,00...
  14. demirkapi

    RS Taillight Animation on A3/S3

    If you would like to have RS like animation via OBDeleven, here is the solution. --------------------------- Go to Central electrics (09) Unlock SFD Adaptation Intelligente Heckleuchte-Verbau Vercion Change from 1 to 5 Reboot MMI by pressing on the right corner for 5 secs...
  15. RS_UK

    Hello all!

    Hello all , I’ve been a member for a few years but not been active 2016 RS3 PFL on Nardo was my first Audi, now I’m on to a 2021 RSQ3 Sportback standard- have got an RSQ3 Sportback sports edition in Nardo on order Look forward to chatting to you all
  16. 5

    Facelift Sports exhaust - choosing the right part problem for sedan (DAZA)

    Hello RS3 sisters and brothers :) I bought recently RS3 2017 sedan. Unfortunately it has standard exhaust and I would like to swap it for oem sports exhaust. I found few aftermarket exhausts but the problem is the part number/choosing right part by photo. What part number is the proper one for...
  17. S

    RS3 Saloon 2017 Facelift

    Hello guys, fingers crossed picking up a rs3 saloon 67 reg this weekend. I previously owned a 2016 s3 and that thing was going through oil like crazy. I wanted to know how everyone checks their oils on their rs3’s, on the s3 i used to get the engine to normal temp and let it sit for around 25...
  18. AudiSpy

    “A quantum leap for agile driving”: the RS Torque Splitter

    “A quantum leap for agile driving” – that’s what racing and development driver Frank Stippler had to say about the torque splitter with its fully variable torque distribution on the rear axle. Audi will soon launch the first-ever series roll-out of this technology in a sporty compact-class RS...
  19. J

    Rs3 sluggish feeling

    Hey maybe someone can help me. I have a 2016 RS3. Now in the morning when i drive off my driveway and turn right or left whilst turning i get this sluggish feeling just for that second and then all is normal until the next day when i do the same. Someone said it could just need alignment. Has...
  20. O

    Audi RS3 8V Valve Controller

    Hello, i’m after a valve controller for my PFL RS3 8V. Is anyone selling one second hand? (ASR/Cete). Thank you!