Roof Windows Mirrors NOT working ?? please help


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Jan 15, 2012
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i have a 2002 a4 cab 2.4 v6 , i only brought it the over day and love it , the problem is the roof / windows / mirrors dont work ??
i know its down to the garage but the dealer i got it from (mate of mine) is on hoiladay and not back for 2 weeks and i want to get the roof down , or have a fag whilst driving lol , please if anyone could help and know its a little fault please let me know

have a check at the wiring between the doors and the pillow frame m8 common for wires to break in there and loss of power to drivers door could be your issue..... i noticed this with mine and the dis didnt show the door was open etc have a look m8 inside the rubber boot
as above very common
that shouldnt stop the roof opening tho
what light do you get when you try to put the roof down ?
thanks for the replys , when i first start the car the roof light flashes for about a minite then goes off , but when i press the roof button no lights or sound what so ever , also the passanger side window dont work using the passanger side button , ill check the cables tomorrow , thanks :)
the roof prob wont work as when you open it the windows drop a few mil if there not droping roof will see a fault
when you open a door does the window drop a few mil aswell ?
yes mate when i open the doors the windows still drop a few mill (to clear for the roof) so thats telling me theres still power going to the windows ?
hmm best to start with a vcds scan get the codes
even if the wire was broke in the drivers side the pass window would work with the pass switch
it could be the ccm under the pass seat
have you got any damp wet around the pass side ?
no damp mate , no lights on eg ecu or anythink

so you reckon i should go get her pluged in ?
yep defo scan it
you could be checking alsorts and not find the prob
look in vcds section for a member near you
you prob checked this but it the flap down in the boot ?
yes mate flap down in boot , but surely that wouldnt stop the windows anyway ?

thanks for your help bez101 ... ill keep you updated
no flap woudnt stop windows working
was thinking more of the roof