auto windows not working

scott b

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Jan 19, 2010
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Warrington, Warrington, United Kingdom
since disconnecting and reconecting the battery the windows dont operate on 1 touch, is this just a case of recoding and if so, which section will it fall under, cheers
As far as i know from my A3 it takes a few times of opening and closing the windows for them to relearn the auto function i would imagine this to be the same on yours.
hold the window switch fully up & down few times to reset auto windows.
You need to 'teach' the module by pressing the window button down/open and hold it for 5 seconds when fully open and then pressing and the holding the window button up/close for 5 seconds, after that it should work as 1 touch again
Or simply when the window is shut just pull up the switch as if to close the window again and let go...