Recent mods to my Black Edition and a shout out to Oxford Audi


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I'm in the UK at the moment, and driving up and down the country visiting a few friends as well as getting some work done to my car.

First problem was a low coolant light shortly after I got off the boat in Weymouth last Friday night, but it went away so I ignored it!

Then the oil light came on, so I pulled over and topped it up with some Helix. Whilst under the bonnet I looked at the coolant and saw it was well below the minimum ... and the manual says not to drive when it's below minimum! I quickly found out I was only a few miles from Oxford Audi so dashed round there mid-afternoon on Saturday. Their sevice department was closed but a very kind tech that was there gifted me a full bottle of coolant.


Stoke Audi had my car for its 1-year service yesterday. Awesome dealership. Some fantastic cars there (R8 V10 roadster particularly, although the Sepang Blue Q7 and the TTRS weren't bad either!) They also fitted my S3 optic grill.

Great service from them and great prices too .... shame it's a boat and a 220 mile drive, otherwise I'd use them more often!

I met EvolutionV and his red A3 in Manchester to hand over the Black Edition grill that had been replaced ... nice to meet you mate!

Today Gareth from Hazzy Days and his technician have been working on my car. Was meant to have Audi bluetooth, the Alpine KCE-425i ipod adpator and a new interior light fitted, sorting out SDS high and they were doing some coding to get my aux-in working again.

Bluetooth and SDS are cool ... lots of instructions to learn though. Interior light is great (but missing a bulb ... not Hazzy's fault ... I supplied the light fitting!) Aux-in works again which is good. Wiring was done for the Alpine, but they didn't fit the unit. Recent units have been supplied with firmware 2.1.2 (IIRC) which randomly disconnects from the ipod .... so they've sent them all back.

Therefore I'm still waiting for the best bit! Hopefully we can get it sorted before I get the boat back on Monday morning.

All in all a successful trip so far!



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Oxford Audi are one of the few dealerships I've visited to date (in the South) that I rate.

The Service Manager (Alex) who used to be there was absolutely fantastic. She always ensured everything was taken care of and no problems ever seemed too much.


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My coolant level has gone low twice in as many months, they changed a pump the first time and its happened again. My car is in for its service next weekend and to check the coolant again.
Ive got a BE bought in May 2009 (170), ive done 20K miles.....
Might be worth monitoring that one


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Having had the SDS High and Audi bluetooth for a few days now, I am wondering how I lived without it!

It's awesome and I am very very pleased I had it fitted.

S3 optic grill looks great too :icon_thumright:

Car has been faultless up and down the motorways (if a bit thirsty when pushing it) and I've enjoyed not having to stick to a 35mph speed limit!

Unfortunately my week in the UK is now over and I'm on the boat home tomorrow morning. 1500 miles done so far with another 100 tomorrow morning to get to the boat.



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Best I've got at the moment.


Edit: That's a little big ....