Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here


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Sep 12, 2010
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Picture only.
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Some preproduction pics ;)

Small writeup here -
















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I still think 8p is better looking inside & outside
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Create a photobucket account and paste the link from there.
okay i done that and got the picson photobucket . do you no what to do now ? sorry to be a pain . thanks tho
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Press the image and you should see a number of links come up beside or underneath it ie.

then paste this into your post.
IMO...I think Audi just ruined the A3 I personally dont like the A1 and this to me simply looks like a bigger version with the way the rear has been shaped.... :(
I like it, think it looks quite fresh.
I am glad I got one of the last 8P S3's to be honest. That looks so boring inside. I hope they com eup with something special for the 8V S3 or my plan of changing my 8P3 for one is out of the window!
This is just plain nasty :ohmy:

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Im actually liking the look of the interior, im yet to still be won over by the exterior so ill be down the show room when its out to decide
Pop-out drinks holder
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i will get some pics of mine up in september when i pick my new baby up :)
ordered new a3 sline 2.0 tdi 150 in amalfi white :)
I'd love the technology to be grafted into an 8P, but the new centre console layout and air vents are a huge departure & don't appeal to me at all.
exactly! I wasn't even born in the 70's but that looks like the interior of a FORD Pinto

They say what goes around comes around! I agree, it looks awful. I love the front end and the new daytime running lights look suhweeeeet. Everything else is not to my style.
Stockport had the new A3 today until tomorrow, so I popped down to have a look at it. I think it's the same car as the pictures above!

The car itself my appear inside to look familar to the A1, but in my eye's its a different ball game - spend 10 minutes inside the A3 and go straight to the A1 - It feels like a Ford Ka!

I've taken a few pictures for the people who haven't had the chance to have a look (was dirty inside though!!)

Enjoy! :)
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found the inspiration for the air vents:


This one even has the on dash pop-up screen


Drive Select ...


How could they get it sooo wrong? :puke2:
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I could never buy one of these...them air vents remind me of work way too much :)
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I think the interior as whole works and those seats look really nice. It looks better quality around the centre console than the current A3 - my 57-reg A3 is not nearly as well-built as even the older A4 around 2003 shape which much plainer and cheaper plastics used for the dash and door cappings. I think I can see the Pyramid in the first photos so that must be Stockport too?

Not sold on the outside looks as it looks more like a facelift and that car looks particularly awkward in that rear 3/4 shot.
Both the interior and exterior are growing on me to be honest but I do still have reservations.

Thing is, what the hell else am I going to get? Had three A3s so far because it's the perfect car for me and none of its competitors appeal to me in the slightest.

Am hoping the 2.0TDI will come with twin exhausts but I doubt it will tbh.