Oil Leak - A3 8P (08)

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Hello, bought my car private last year, got a service on it straight away with a garage I always use, and he had commented I had a little oil leak. Went to my Dad's which is 300 miles away from where I live and had to pull over twice to top up my oil.

I don't really use the car much, only on weekends usually but the car wouldn't start one day due to low oil pressure.

I've cleaned the engine with Oil degreae. It seems to be coming from the top, especially to the drivers side next to the alternator belt. Was also all over the sump.

It's done 62,000 miles. It is a 1.8T petrol. Any ideas or where to start to look? Common places too?

Thanks for reading.


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Any pics?


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That's an absurd amount of oil to leak.
Much more than a slight leak
, has he cracked the filter housing or something?

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Clean it up, start the car and let it get up to temp with the bonnet open so you can watch it. if it's leaking that bad, it should reveal itself pretty soon.


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Did the garage who said you have a small oil leak identify or suggest anything as to where it might be from? If not, can you ring them and see if they recall (depending on how long ago this was)?