8P 05-08 Grille

The grille is on the mrs car. Blacked the rad and crash bar etc. Was pushed for gtime but will definately be modding the badge holder and getting it painted gloss black when mirror covers are painted gloss black. Cupra r splitter also on its way.
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Ah, the grill looks nice man! That badge holder is horrid though! I might have to do that too, just paint it and the badge in gloss black! Are they detachable without taking the whole bumper off or.. ?
Will definately be modiying this on the weekend as I dont like it. then changing over the gloss black mirror covers. Gloss black sline badges. Front window trims as previous owner scractched them to hell. Cupra R Splitter. Full machine polish.
I have a busy weeeknd ahead. then maybe I can tinker with my B6 as I want it lower lol
My grill should be popping up tomorrow. I have already spoken to this guy to get it done for me. I'm lacking the tools and space, and my car's so low that I might not be able to access the arch bolts, and just don't like to bother too much! Will be posting photos as soon as it's done! :)
Let me know if need help. I'm happy to for it for you. I'm in Berkshire / Surrey area.
Hi guys! Back with a new front end!

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