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Aug 6, 2014
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Wondering if anyone bought this grille? Any photos on how it looks like ? (preferably on black 8Ps) Any gap issues, and I'm aware that the badge holder might look crap with that solid background.. are there any other badge holders for it out there that are better looking?


glad it looks good.just ordered one of these for the mrs car as shes been nagging on at me about it for ages.
Cheers guys!

Orange, looking a lot better without the solid background. What did that involve?
Thanks. Involved about a week with the dremel, drew around the rings then cut it out, painted it gloss black and thinned out the brackets to hold it on
Got me there.

I wonder if a holder like this would work mounted... straight fit..


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Ive got that grill, was an ok fit aswell. I need to dremal my badge holder tho as i like the see through look one better. I did need more screws to screw the grill on as my original didnt have as many holding it in.
Wondering why these guys won't just do hollow ones, as an option at least. They probably got this feedback lots of times by now..
same grill here, would like to mod the badge holder at some point too, looks good

mine is on the 8P2 S-Line bumper
Got this on mine too, great quality, I got mine from Germany for £75 posted not sure if it's on eBay at the moment though

Nice guys! Still unsure about that holder!

Cambaines, would you be able to get that link? £75 is a lot lower than £125 :D
Thanks mate! Appreciated!

Just contacted them! Will let you guys know what they said.
Looking good Mattyk55!

Cambaines, got a reply from the guys on eBay.


the products we have currently not in stock.
A delivery is not available.
As soon as we get the product delivered, we provide this online.

Best regards
Christian Klippert

New message from: carparts-premium (416,048)

No. We have no date.

best regards
Christian Klippert
May be worth the wait! But if your as impatient as me then the other one on eBay would already be in order
Haha you know the feeling then. I've been meaning to get one for a while but with this weather coming up I'm a little laid back. I could probably wait a little longer until they put that back in stock or get a better offer somewhere! But you've been of a lot of help mate! Cheers for that!

Until then, maybe they come up with a better badge holder for it too! As the one currently is a turn-off! :D
Nice! Link?

I'd like it to be the one I posted though! Without the plastic bit in front where you put the plate!
No worries pal, hope you source one! Used one may pop up too! I had the fun of spraying the bumper at the back black when I took the reg off! Massive red beam didn't look great! I would definitely wait for the full honeycomb one to pop up mate there great! Really mate the front end look a little newer
Nice! Link?

I'd like it to be the one I posted though! Without the plastic bit in front where you put the plate!

The ebay seller is called 2xcite . Sorry only just red above youre after one without plate holder... its the exact one in the pic you posted, so may be no good to you. Wonder if the plate holder is detachable, would save you some pennys
^ Ah cheers mate! I'm aware of that type of grill and not exactly what I'm looking for because of the plastic bit which I don't think it's removable and also it's matte black. But cheers man!
Got one of these arriving today to put on the mrs car. Guessing everyone is just aerosol blacking the bumper behind so you dont see it through the honeycomb grille?
Got one of these arriving today to put on the mrs car. Guessing everyone is just aerosol blacking the bumper behind so you dont see it through the honeycomb grille?

Yes mate, give mine a quick sand and a primer and then just some black paint on top, if you have the reg on the front then it's not really noticeable but in my case it is!
@Mattyk55 you should think about spraying the yellow behind your frill mate, would look a lot meaner, did it on mine as had the blue showing through

also gave my radiator a fresh coat of black heat paint to freshen it up as you can see plenty through the grills.

on mine the gloss one, the numberplate cross beam bit is not attached but comes with the pack, as mentioned above thing the matt black grill the beam is attached and can't be removed
perfect.will be doing this evening or tomo at work. wont even tell the mrs and I bet she dkoesnt even notice till i tell her lol. i will let her off though as she did buy me an aerial atom track day for my birthday which was awesome.
Crash bar is something I regret not spraying, stupid holes in the cover show the crash bar
Just purchased mine from eBay, should arrive within days! Was aware of spraying the crash bar, good thing you guys mentioned matt black, makes sense since we don't want it shining!

Also cheers millsy for the idea to paint the radiator too! Never thought of that! Guessing there aren't any issues just covering it in spray paint?
Haha waited long enough mate! Should've done it about 1 week+ ago.. eBay was doing a discount on it and would've saved about £12... but meh!

Regarding the paint on radiator; Will do!

Will give it a go at trying to fit it myself on Sat if it arrives before that! I hope it's not going to be too hard! I get impatient quite quickly.
Haha I new you would look online at how to take the bumper off, plenty of guides that help, make sure you have cushioning In front of the bumper to rest it on if your doing it alone, small ratchet with a couple of extending pieces will help you out big time with the bolts behind the wheel arch
yeah make sure its high temp


i used this stuff, as i bought it for sorting out my garden chimnea, works fine just do a couple of thin coats

to be honest i never did the crash bar or radiator to start with then a week later of driving it got the better of me and i ripped the front end off again

plus i had to sort the splitter out as hitting a squirrel at 80mph ripped it off lol

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