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Hello everyone,

Changed my user name from A4 cabrio to this one because I’ve acquired a 2008 model S4 cabriolet today!

It’s in pretty good condition with 70k on the clock. Last few years not driven much by the previous owner but regularly serviced by a Porsche specialist. I should like to keep it for as long as I can, as it drives beautifully.

Apart from a valet and detail, what would you recommend for upgrades/modifications from cheap to not so cheap?
The car needs a new glove box hinge, the aftermarket Pioneer stereo is rubbish, and I’m going to get remote hood opening/closing, as I did on my A4 V6 cab.
I’m thinking on the lines of upgraded suspension bushes, engine mounts, anti-roll bars, a modest remap, and free flow air induction.

Any suggestions gratefully received.

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