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New Audi A1 - how do I enable automatic wingmirror folding?

wigl301 Oct 1, 2018

  1. wigl301

    wigl301 New Member

    Hi All,

    I bought a 2015 plated Audi A1 S Line with electric wing mirrors last week. I live in London and have to parallel park outside my house and I was really glad to have a car that would automatically tuck away the wing mirrors, or that's what I thought anyway!

    On the mirror control I can twist to retract the wing mirrors but having to do this manually every time is a pain and something I don't think you should really have to do on a £15k car! I've been through all the settings and there is no option anywhere to enable this. Surely, it must be possible! If the car can turn in the wing mirrors, then why would it not be set to do it automatically when you lock/unlock the car?!

    I phoned my local Audi garage and they just said if its not there, its not possible. Is there not some modifications that they could make on the cars computer or something?

    Sorry, I'm not really a car knowledgeable person but this is frustrating the hell out of me.
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  3. RJ-8V

    RJ-8V Active Member Team Daytona Audi A3 S-line owners group

    Use vcds or obd11

    Module 42 and 52

    Enable Byte 4 bit 6

    A3 8V Facelift Limousine
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  4. wigl301

    wigl301 New Member

    OK great, makes no sense to me but I will ask a mechanic! Great to hear that it can be done.
  5. Graham555

    Graham555 Member


    You have a few options to activate the folding door mirrors.

    First is to find a local VCDS person to do the coding - look at the map on this forum to identify someone close to you who can make the changes using an approved cable and software - please don’t be tempted to use a pirate cable under any circumstances.

    Second is to purchase a OBD2 such as Crista (you can purchase this using Amazon) and then you can change the settings yourself simply.

    I have this on my car and on locking the car the mirrors fold, and when you start the car they open.

    Your Audi dealer, in most cases, will not activate this for you as they get really funny about making changes to the factory settings.

    Good luck

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