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Apr 24, 2014
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Dear fellow members
I've stumbled across a weird problem to say the least and at this point I'm open to all suggestions.

I have fitted a pair of folding mirrors with supporting modules and a switch.
Now to the funny part...
When in nornal operational position the driver's mirror fold (cause why shouldn't it ) and the passenger's stays open, when in fold position the drivers open and passengers fold.
To make the matter worse the driver can open all the windows but can not close them back up.
I've checked the coding for the modules and everything seems to be in order but maybe I've missed something.
Any help would be appreciated
Is there a LHD, RHD coding option, did you confirm the modules are for your year & match to your vin.

Remove coding, just have default options & see if the windows work again.

Did you copy & paste old coding or manually tick relevant boxes as latter is always advised because coding positions change on modules.
The set meant to be for rhd and seems to be that way, also same year as my vehicle.
The modules have the same number as mine apart from the last letter.

never knew I have to match them to my vin, how can I do that?

I ticked the coding boxes instead of copying.
Put your modules back & test if they're working again except folding.

If all ok again then try decoding things on new modules & do one coding at a time to try & trigger the faults.

Last letter denotes different modules, you need to check if it's superseded from yours to that or from a same chassis version as yours.
So, I've changed the code to resemble my old modules and the windows work perfectly, but the fold is still opposite I have swapped two cables for the fold and at least now they work together like they should.
This is clearly coding issue as I have noticed other stupidities. On driver's mirror left is right and right is left and button to unlock the doors locks it and the other way around. Must be set for Australian market
It's almost like a mirror image of what it should be
Maybe someone had issues like this and is willing to give me some pointers

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