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MY2014 Non-Nav Bluetooth Streaming

dpaz Jun 15, 2014

  1. dpaz

    dpaz Active Member

    Do the MY2014 A5's without NAV support bluetooth streaming? (Assuming BT module fitted).

    I know the black edition's came with AMI kits but seems ridiculous that they are still without BT streaming. I was in an A1 the other day which was fairly basic spec which had it!
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  3. Statler

    Statler Old enough to know better

    Don't think so. I've seen some chat about adding a bluetooth module to AMI or Aux in. Tune2Air device I think for AMI. There are other aux based devices available on Amazon/Ebay and the like.

    It is a serious omission but the 2016 cars will probably have it all as standard :D
  4. Snake Pliskin

    Snake Pliskin Well-Known Member Supporter

    I was amazed my S5 did not come with BT streaming ...... but it didn't :uhm:

    Don't recall seeing anything to suggest it has been added on this year either.

    So without the mmi connectivity (which I got thankfully with black edition) I would have been rather annoyed.
  5. Shrek5

    Shrek5 Well-Known Member

    If you have the Audi Connect then BT audio streaming is supported - although IIRC you have to enable it from within the MMI menu. Can't remember where but if you need me to look then I can let you know.
  6. dpaz

    dpaz Active Member

    Thanks everyone, wanted to check as a friend of mine has a Black Edition MY14 A5 and I was gob smacked it didnt have BT streaming. Even a basic (but admittedly newer platform) A1 and A3 has BT streaming. He decided not to go for Nav.

    I'm 100% certain if you have Nav in a MY14 A5 you will have BT streaming though as I've had it in a hire car I had once.
  7. warren_S5

    warren_S5 Moderator Moderator VCDS Map User

    I seem to have it with MMI high and Audi Connect but I've yet to try it out. I'll give it a shot this weekend and report back.
  8. keithinthesouth

    keithinthesouth New Member

    I have an A5 2.0 TDI Black Edition Quattro. I have Telephone Prep High, it gives me instant traffic updates, Google Earth view on the Sat Nav, Audi Connect - a cool web search feature, and the capacity to create a mobile wi-fi network.

    I had a spare SIM that I used on my ipad - it has unlimited data - so I inserted this into the dash slot. I also use an i-phone.

    My car gives the option to decide which SIM to use for a mobile phone (mobile or in-dash sim). I am also able to stream music from my iphone.

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