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Mar 8, 2011
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Sydney, Australia
I thought seen as it seems to be the trend I'd start a history thread for my car.

Here's how I bought it nearly three months ago:

When I test drove it I noticed it had a strange idle issue so I spoke to the garage about it and they said they'd fixed it by "modifying the afm" which made me a little nervous but I knew the car was otherwise clean and low km's (104k).

Since owning it I've done the following:
N275 delete
One of the hoses was split going to the vacuum tank.

Black Forge 007P
The GFB valve that was on there didn't seem to seal. The usual test of pushing the piston up and holding a finger over the vacuum did nothing at all.

New OEM/Bosch MAF
Wasn't sure it was actually needed but I was having some issues and read that these get "tired" so I replaced it.

Hitachi Coils & BKR7EIX
After owning the car for a week or so, it developed a really bad misfire that meant it ran on 3. I limped it the few k's home and towed it to Audi later that week to get the coils replaced under warranty. Turns out they only changed "effected" coils and replaced 1 of mine. I thought it best to replaced them all with the more reliable bolt downs. I changed to BKR7EIX plugs at the same time.

Clutch Switch
It had the classic over rev on high rpm gear change. It's worth noting that I had to fit it twice before it worked properly in VCDS (block 66 from memory). It must reset itself. The new ones don't have the ratchet like the old ones do.

G200 Sensor
I had an ESP error on the dash, scanning with VCDS pointed to the G200 sensor. I removed and replaced it and had the same error only to realise someone must have bent the bracket! I think the garage that repaired the clutch pedal perhaps. At least if the sensor was broke then it'll not go for a while now. I zero'd it in VCDS lite and also the Longitudinal sensor and he problem has not come back touch wood.

Dieselgeek Sigmasix Quickshift
It was a right b**ch to get the splined part off the top of the gearbox but got there in the end and it made a VERY nice difference to the shift of the car. Much nicer.

I also done a service, changed oil (Mobil1 0w40), oil/air filters. I have a fuel filter to fit this weekend also.

Here's the bay (pretty standard):

I have the following to fit:

Haldex Blue Controller
I've been getting the odd binding noise from the rear (very occasionally at low speed full lock). I've read this is a classic Audi AWD trait but others said a new/used controller has fixed it. I found a bargain deal on a Blue Haldex so figured why the hell not. The 50/50 drive and pre-emptive engagement should be a great improvement. Bought a new gasket from VW to fit it at the weekend - hopefully it's easy!

Powerflex Diesel/Red Dogbone bushes
After reading what a massive difference they make I figured it's rude not too!

New thermostat
The temp hits 90 and then on a long run will drop down. Going to try changing it without having to do a full flush. According to the TT forum it can be done.

Sorry if it's boring but I figured it's best to keep it in one place!
Have the following planned (eventually):
New wheels (BBS most likely)
Lower it (H&R springs and Bilstein or OEM shocks)
ARBs (R32?)
Remap (I'm not sure if it has one?)

For now I'll just enjoy it!
Haha I must resist!! For now I am just going to make it mint but of course if something breaks it's false economy not to upgrade it ;)
Forgot to add. I bought these this morning:



-12AN Moroso breather tank to replace the crazy standard setup (cheers for the howto Westle!). Bought some oil resistant hose too (orange/red unfortunately).

Just managed to score a rear taillight for £13 from eBay AU too! Must stop....
They do look pretty awesome. Subtle improvements over mine :)

I think mine will look a lot better when its down a few more mm's.
I remembered not too long ago somone called "Funky_Junky" PMing me asking about a price if we cound get 2 sets of Avus IIIs??? Was that not you ;)

Ohhhhh they look so pretty:


It's amazing how quickly you can go off someone!!!
The weekend cannot come quick enough. I am gagging to waste a tank of fuel seeing what difference this controller makes...
Have you got it fitted yet mate? And if you don't mind me asking, what did you pay for it?
This is the proper Haldex "blue". You may be thinking of the HPA "orange" controller? The difference between the two is mine will cut AWD when braking but the orange doesn't. Apparently the blue is the best for more road use and the odd track blast. There's huge debate on whether theres actually a noticeable difference between blue and orange, mostly on vwvortex. HPA made the orange one I believe because EIP had rights to sell the blue controller. Not quite sure what the latest story is but I know there's a "stealth" version which is basically silver with "competition" or something on it. I think it's the same as the blue.

I'm probably preaching to the converted but from what I've read (don't kill me) the blue basically allows 50/50 (80/20 is standard) power split and it's pre-emptive in engaging AWD rather than after slip is detected. Also, it doesn't cut during gear change (std does). Please don't kill me if this is wrong. I've read so much about it my brain hurts! Plus I've had a few beers (it's late here).

Not fitted it yet reesyboy. If work wasn't so busy I'd have called a sicky and done it!! I managed to get it for $650 (£400 ish, about £275 when I first moved here four years back!) which is a steal considering they don't really wear out.
Nice car!! Im interested to hear what difference the blue controller makes! Keep it up mate!
Fitted the Haldex and the red dogbone bushes.

The car now feels much more "solid", accelerating seems a bit slower but I think it's because it's actually smoother because the speedo still goes round at the same pace! Gear changes seem smoother which I find a bit odd because it's cable shift?

I'll get more of an idea of the difference with the controller once I've done some more KMs on it, perhaps tomorrow... It was a bit of a pain to fit but not too bad. The string trick to get the plug over the diff saved a lot of time. It's all a bit dusty under there so I got covered!
Yeh looking forward to trying it with some more KMs on it. Couldn't really do a before/after as I'd not driven it for a week then only took it to VW in the morning. I'll take it for a thrash tomorrow!
Hoping the catch can arrives this weekend so I can do that and the thermostat this weekend.

After my oil leak thread I'm going to look at that this weekend too and work out where it's coming from. VW stock the cam cover gasket for a whopping...............$68.

A bit of feedback on the blue Haldex controller. The car is now very flat and stable feeling when exiting a corner, feels like it has endless grip which is awesome. I'm going to have to try it out in the country at some point.

I think the next big change is a remap.
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I think the next big change is a remap.

By far the best mod for the money you can do to the S3 IMO.

Stock to Stage 1 is the most amazing difference, you drive around for a week with a smile like a 12 year old who has just discovered porn.
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hahaha awesome. Sounds like I should check out my oil pickup at some stage too. Don't want the engine to die!
hahaha awesome. Sounds like I should check out my oil pickup at some stage too. Don't want the engine to die!

In the UK, it is a ~£14 part. Many engines have been written off because they haven't been changed.

Sacrilege IMO that good engines are written off because of a part that costs nothing really.
By far the best mod for the money you can do to the S3 IMO.

Stock to Stage 1 is the most amazing difference, you drive around for a week with a smile like a 12 year old who has just discovered porn.

... Free porn!
haha this does sound good. I've been offered a custom code remap and the guy doing it seems very knowledgable. Are they good? It's half of the price of an APR map.
The tank has arrived and looks like a really well made piece of kit (it's weighty too which is always an indication of quality haha :)). Just waiting for the -12AN fitting, praying it comes in today so I can chuck it on at the weekend and sort the dodgy breather hoses.
Haha yep, should have no problems with flow :) the whole thing is pretty large but as you can it's 1/3 filter! seems like a nice bit of kit though. Going to do as much as I can this weekend and then just fit the fitting one night this week when it arrives...
There's a tube running down the center, which the filter clamps onto. That, and there's a grill on the top but it's small enough that I'll just empty it regularly. The mocal 1L on my old car rarely needed emptying and of course condensation is much less of an issue here!
I'd never run the tank back to the sump either, especially not back there. When I emptied my tank there it was 90% water. Imagine that in the oil. Awesome. Not.

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