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  • G'day Sam,
    Would you have any recommendations re:suppliers or how to purchase the TD 1.2's from within AUS? (I'm based in Newcastle, NSW if that helps)
    Where there any extra purchases (I.E spacers?)

    Wishing you all the best for 2018 :)
    Kind regards,
    Hey mate, Sorry just seen this.

    Yeah it's a nice bit of a kit. Bit crap how long TSR are taking to sort the missing EGT boss.

    The thing is, it's not a structural part of the car, it's basically part of the bumper. Much like the old metal style bolt on bumpers of days of old. Plus it's got 60-70mm worth of aluminium behind it! Hardly going to make it weaker! I guess I'll have to argue that when the time comes...

    Here's where I got the quote from:
    A3 S3 1.8T 20V Turbo Quattro 8L ( APY AMK BAM ) : Ladeluftkühler-Kit 200001018 Audi S3 8L Seat Leon Cupra Wagner 200001018

    Heres the email I got:


    664,-Euro w/o VAT and upto 10Kg 60,-Euro shipping
    paypal-payment +3.9% non Euro-payment

    Thanks Jens"

    Email him and see whether he can do it for the same price.
    Hi again Sam

    As usual, I've been following your thread and colour me green mate, that TSR mani is ****** awesome! Oh man I think about getting one all the time.

    But ok, I spoke to a cert engineer and yea in QLD and up here, there is no way they will cert any mod that requires cutting the front "anything"... The guy was pretty vague about it but when I pushed for more info he pretty much said "mate, there isn't anything about FMICs in the law but you cant alter the structure of the car for one, at all."

    So yea, this brings me to another quick question.

    I just read that you can get the wagner FMIC to you for $950?!

    They're quoting me around $790+$300 USD and I cant find the price lower. I've even asked them haha.

    Is there a source for the wagner kit that I'm not aware of?

    Kudos for getting such a cheap quote man, please tell me how you did it.

    Cheers heaps, Sam

    Hey mate,

    Thanks! Yeah it's getting close to how I want it :) Just the engine to do now.

    It is a grey area I guess. You're right they're strict (arguably too strict) on that sort of stuff but it's not a structural part of the car and even modified it's still very strong (you wouldn't be able to bend it) and will serve it's purpose. I might get the car engineered once the new engine is in, just so everything's been ok'd. It's stupid it's so strict here but I understand that some people can do half ***** jobs themselves. It's also something that's near impossible to see without removing the bumper.

    If you don't want to cut it and aren't thinking of going for a big turbo later, you could go for the wagner intercooler as that doesn't need the crash bar to be cut. The downside is it's thinner and so might not be suited to a bigger turbo.

    Hey Sam

    Been keeping up with your thread, damn nice work! The car looks great and I bet it handles like its on rails... and those wheels... look the part and very nice score.

    One thing though, I see you've cut your front rad support to fit the FMIC tuffty/welly/AHv2 cooler. I was under the assumption that us Oz dwellers didn't have the option to do this... given that we'd void our insurance because it was either outright illegal or needed to be certified?

    I live in QLD and the heat soak I get from the SMICs seems to be really considerable.

    Really keen to hear your thoughts on this as QLD police are not nearly as relaxed as NZ police regarding car mods! haha


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