My Audi A3 Progress Thread - Garnet Red


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Dec 13, 2011
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As Some Of You May Know, I Have Not Owned This Car For Long,

Ive Always Loved Spending Money On Cars, And Ensuring They Look Nice And Subtle.

As Soon As I Passed My Test I Was Going Through The Fase Of Modding Modding And More Modding!

Some Pics Below Showing The Start Of The Progress To The Finished Of My Astra Which The A3 Has Now Replaced

Vauxhall Astra 1.4
Full XP Kit
Full Custom Install



After Modding




Anyway! Enough Of The Astra,

Time To Start With The A3....

Brought This Due To The Spec And Price Including Low Millage

1.6 Special Edition
6 CD Changer
Auto Light
Full Leather Interior

But As I Brought It





Within A Few Days, It Was Booked In To Get Its Windows Tinted


However Having Had The Windows Done, I Noticed A Small Mark On The Rear So I Got The Rear Re Done At No Extra Cost,


The Wheels Were Far Too Standard To Be On The Car Any Longer,

So I Snapped Up Some RS4 Wheels Cheap So Decided To Put Them On,

Although The Colour Of The Wheels Was Wrong, & They Were Curbed I Couldn't Complain For The Price I Paid,


But They Didn't Stay Like This For Long.....

Just The Way I Wanted Them :p


And Finished!


So Once They Were Refurbed They Were Ready To Go Onto The Car


The Next Stage Was To Do The Audio,

So Trying To Source A Good Double Din Head Unit, I Came Across A RNS-E That Was Local To Me, So Ended Up Buying It,

Old Unit,


Against The New:


:) Happy Days,

Was Time To Fit Etc, But During The Staged Of Booking My Car In To Get It All Fitted, I Thought Id Source A Sub And Amp And Get It All Done At Once, So 2 Hours Later, I Came Across An Attomic 15" Appocolype Sub Which I Could''t Resist,

So As I Purchased It I Brought A Lanzar Amp At The Same Time


So As The Car Was Booked In, Was For It To Be All Hooked Up,

Work In Progress:


And Fitted!


So Thats It For The Time Being, But As The Car Stands Now, This Is The Only Pic I Have When Its Clean Etc :p


Plans To Follow:

Complete Boot Build - To Do
Purchase Rear Black Edition Bumper - Done
Purchase Front S-Line Bumper - To Do
Lower The Car - To Do
Gloss Black Roof - Maybe
Xenon Headlights - Maybe

Will Also Do Little Touches Here And There Such As De Wipering, Smoked Plates, Interior LED's Etc

Hope You Enjoyed Reading, And Keep Locked In, Till The Progress Thread Continues..........
Looks good, nice colour mate! Never seen an A3 without climate...
Cheers Pal, Its Something I Wanted To Upgrade To Tbh, Is It Easy To Replace With The Climate Unit? Isit A Plug And Play Or ?
Good work! Don't forget the S-Line/S3 rear spoiler!
Looking tidy mate, definitely needs lowering! Are those 18" RS4's? Ive never seen an Audi without climate control either.
No its not pnp at all sorry to say for climate, its allot of wiring & certainly more parts to fit, alongside whole dash being removed to fit wiring & sensors, that kinda job would make you buy a car with tbh, why audi sell cars with manual aircon etc is beyond me, but alas, nice colour car :)
You've done a real nice job on the car mate, from a standard car its looks great!, you've done each mod i would have done if i bought that particular model. good luck with the rest and make sure to put up more pics!
Never seen A3 without climate either - looks really strange..
Need to get some centre caps in those wheels
Cheers Guys, And Waiting For A Few Days While Some New Mods Come Through, But Will Be Small Touches That Make The Biggest Difference :)
I hope some eibach lowering springs are on the shopping list :icon_thumright:
Anyone Know Where I Can Get De Wippering Grommits From? I No There A Place That Many People Get Them From In Germany?

What Size Is The Grommit Too?
Looking good N.Singh. What colour is that you refurbed your wheels with if you dont mind me asking. Also any more plans ie Sline bumpers, spoiler etc?
Looking good! That colour does look good on the car. :)
It is a cracking colour. Once it's had a smack with the lowering stick and some Audi centre caps it will look the mutts nutts.
Cheers Mate, Any Suggestion On What I Should Go For In Terms Of Lowering? Anyone Recomend JOW Coilovers? Not Wanting To Spend Over The Odds, But Something That Would Do The Job, Or Would You Say, Stick With Eibach?
you also need to get some front fogs to go with your S line spoiler and front bumper.
Yeh Bud, True, I Think I Maybe Changing The Wheels To The BBS Ones, audi Split Rims, Not Sure Yet