My a3 will go fast! (build thread)


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Coilpack on its way out mate?


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Coilpack on its way out mate?

I thought that mate just give it some death on the way home third to 5k rpm and forth to about 5k there was no kidder or anything, strange one this


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So everything has been all good until yesterday.

I'm driving along getting abit excited with the go go pedal in fourth at about 4k rpm, it feels like the car has abit of a misfire (judder) then it only lasted about a second or two and all was good after that.

It happend again today at the same rpm in the same gear.

Iv vagcom'd it and nothing has come up. Everything is pluged in and where it should be.

Any one got any ideas

either pump is going or your fuel filter is dirty. could even be a break down on the plugs. coilpacks would ping on vagcom so dought its that, also would ping as a misfire if electrical


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so long time no input..

im craving a mk2 golf and thought about putting the a3 motor in it.. but then thought i know ill get a mk2 16v as my summer car/eco option and get my a3 bodywork sorted as its developed a bit of rust so if on Monday with bad things happening at work and i don't loose my job as there laying people off.

im going to get my car booked in for a respray and the body work sorting. then lol i am thinking about getting my self a gearbox referb and a LSD to accommodate my possible larger turbo but this isn't a sure thing yet.

also i want some new rims so i can be erm how do i say it more "scene" haha gay.. i just want some new rims.

so yeah any input at to where is good at body work in the north east would be good also what you lot think about staying with the k03 fitment or been a boss like prawn but getting one of dan's new k04 hybrids.


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Sell it and buy a mk4 Golf, you know it makes sense.

I thought you crashed your car obviously it isnt that fast, the audi badge weighs it down!
Are you really bored of the k03s already? ok so say you go k04 then what happens 6 months down the line when your bored of that?? got to draw the line somewhere. I'd agree with getting the LSD fitted as that will make a big difference. If i was in your position, I would book the car in with R-tech again and get him to crank it up, maybe map in the meth aswell. you've already spent loads on gettig this far, upgrade it all after less than a year seems a bit mad. and you dont know whats happening with the Job situation either? Why dont you just got for the fastest k03 hybrid throne instead?? thats what I would do.

Body work. Ive heave panel care are supposed to be really good, he was a sponsor on ukmkivs and had a good review. i dont know how near/far that is from you but hey ho.

I think you need to decide what you want first. I think a mk2 2.0 engine would be cool but then you say you might drop your 1.8T in there instead. think of the pro's and cons first. if I was you, id keep the audi though


My other car is a MINI!!!!
hasn't goatstick already got rods in this build though?

If it's all coming out anyway, given the advances Dan has made in ko3 framed turbo's it'd seem a shame not to send it to Dan and have some larger wheels installed for larger smiles!


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Yeah I really want a minter of a 16v mk2 (as a show car/daily) as in no engine conversions that's the reason for me saying upgrade the a3 and if you think about it. Cranking the k03 hybrid up its pretty much at its max nearly. And hey no matter what you say or do you will never have enough bhp.

Really I'm just a massive boost face that likes to go to Borrpp tishh and you can't argue with that. If I had and s3 I would be boshing a really fat Garrett on it for lolz but I don't so yeah your mk4 gay I mean golf is hella slow and always will be IDST!

Also what's the point in hording money and not spending it on Turbos and manifolds plus other sexy car things, if you don't know weather you will be here tomorrow to spend it.


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hasn't goatstick already got rods in this build though?

If it's all coming out anyway, given the advances Dan has made in ko3 framed turbo's it'd seem a shame not to send it to Dan and have some larger wheels installed for larger smiles!

Yeah man prawn you get the idea. And that's a pretty good idea. Ill talk to Dan ;).

Iv got rods already, like a boss


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this doesnt get updated much any more since not much is happening but iv got a little update anyway.

i bought some new shoes for the a3.

not the best pictures. ill try get some better ones.





they are 3sdm 0.001 18x8.5j et35 all round, with 225/40/18 on slight bit stretch not loads so it doesn't look gay.

i now park six foot away from curbs lol

iv got a LCR splitter to go on the car as well.

still looking at getting the paint do as well as the rust. just need to find some place to do it.

cars still running spot on, still super fast and putting things to shame.


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hello nothings changed still the fastest car in the world blah blah blah!

but this is doing my napper in.

[h=2]00561 - Mixture Adaptation[/h][h=3]00561 - Mixture Adaptation: Adaptation Limit (Add) Exceeded[/h][h=4]Possible Symptoms[/h]
  • Engine Jolting
  • Increased Fuel Consumption
  • Poor Idling/Jolting
  • Reduced Boost Pressure
[h=4]Possible Causes[/h]
  • Mass Air Flow Sensor (G70) faulty
  • Fuel Pressure too Low
  • Leaks in Intake Air System and/or Exhaust System
  • Injector(s) faulty (i.e. coked)
[h=4]Possible Solutions[/h]
  • Refuel Vehicle
  • Check Fuel System Pressure
  • Check Mass Air Flow Sensor (G70)
  • Check Intake Air System and Exhaust System for Leaks
  • Check Injection Quantity
  • Check Injector(s)

i delete the code car drives as it should, no boost leaks as the car drives the same as it always has done, no funny noises.

same fuel consumption as it has been since its been mapped.

some times i get a dicky idle and limp mode when the code comes on.

any thoughts ?

im going to take the injectors out and clean them and get a new fuel filter. the maf was a brand new one when the car got mapped about 8000 miles ago cost 250 notes lol.


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surprised it doesn't mention the FPR in there. I guess if that is faulty then it could be causing an over fuel or under fuel. so could a weak fuel pump..Stuck open injector or clogged one is another option


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so my previous problems seem to be gone, cleaned the injectors and FPR.

but now iv got a creaking noise from the drivers side when turning. im guessing its cv related as its almost a clicking noise. when taking a look i can see the arb has been rubbing on the drive shaft...

cars are pants does anyone want to buy it?

also forgot to add i have some s3 rear calipers and carriers, i need the spacers to fit them to my a3 don't i?


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sooooo nothings changed, im still alive. cars still as fast as it was the day i had finished it and picked it up from r-tech.

only thing iv done is change a lambda sensor.

also curbed two of my alloys in the space of two days like a right pro... fixed them.

and iv started work on my golf. slow progress with that.

just to make you laugh there is a guy that lives around the corner from me telling every one that his mk4 golf with "300 bhp or 260 bhp" (depending on what mood hes in) is better than the a3 and wants to race me because his cars far superior. baring his mk4 golf has been painted via fizzy cans and doesn't have a fmic and it has a atmos bov..

funny thing is every time i see him in his car he doesn't go for it or when hes not in his car doesn't speak to me lol some people !

peace out!


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Fizzy can paint adds 180 bhp easily especially if he shook the cans first :) just read your thread sweet ride dude


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Fizzy can paint adds 180 bhp easily especially if he shook the cans first :) just read your thread sweet ride dude

Haha, cheers dude.

I'm sure he might have a sun strip as well for at least an extra 60 bhp


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had some paint work done on the car as well as some rust removal.

here is some photos as you know im not a tourist so the photos are not spectacular.

my mate who did the work has step by step photos to show the work that went in to it, im trying to get them off him. whilst i was there at my mates work i got to play in a 2013 plate m6. my god! what a noise they make, very nice car. unfortunately couldn't drive it as worth more than i am and it was a customers.








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Is that your fine *** in the 3rd picture? Mmm mmmmm

Car is looking good. Definitely the fastest a3 on the Internet.

It's not mate it's my mam, I'll pass your comments on though.

Never know I could end up calling you dad


You are greedy. Like your mams fanny