My 2010 Sprint Blue S4


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Way back in November i finally took the plung and ordered my S4. Two weeks later the Boxster was sold for 1.5K more than the trade in, and the long wait began.


From this point it was a race to find a nice old motor to run until delivery in March. It was a harder job than i expected and i ended up paying over the odds for a little red fiesta. I blame the scrapage scheme..........far too many nice little cars getting squished IMO.


Two weeks into Fiesta ownership and i needed to replace the rear shock as it was just dangerous. However when the snow came, i was that glad the boxster had gone as the fezza just kept going and going.

Anyway mid Feb i get the call that my car is in and that we are on for a 1st March collection.

My car is a very simple spec S4:

Sprint Blue
RS4 Alloys
Heated Sports Seats
Rear Park
Drive Select with Damper Control






I have to admit that i would have loved the Sat-nav, folding mirrors, advance park and the full ADS, but the budget on went so far

Have to admit that i love the car to bits. The photos dont do the colour justice, they have made it look very pastle when in reality its a lovely deep colour. I think its my fault for trying to take some shots in full sun light.

Here is what i think so far:

Dont get sprint blue if you will be leaving it on 18" wheels, it needs 19" to balance the colour.

The nappa seats are expensive, but worth every penny, and dont forget the heaters as they are damn cold in the mornings.

The B&O in the A4 is sublime, the quality is fantastic whatever you are listening too.

The ride of the car is very compliant, firm but not crashy. If i am honest i struggle to notice the difference between dynamic and comfort, but maybe she just needs to bed in a bit more.

The xenon lights are blo*dy fasntastic, i recon i could land an airplane with these babies. I love the home lights how they come on with the fog lights. If it was illegal i would drive around with that combo at all times. :)

29mpg, yer right. I know the engine is tight but even with being careful i am looking at a more realistic 24mpg at best. I dont really care though TBH as i thought she would need super unleaded, so 95 ron is a nice offset saving. Does anyone run their car on 97 or 98 ron fuel? Can you tell any difference?

Erm i think thats about it. I can highly recomend Stratford Audi if anyone is looking to buy.

Thanks for looking.


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:hubbahubba:Top quality machine you have there mate,love the white stiching round the seats and steering subtle touch but really stands out


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Cheers dude, i originally requested black leather with black stitching, but this isnt an option. Glad it isnt now, as i think it looks great too :)


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Weird coz when I was ordering leather in my S-line black stitching was allowed but silver wasn't!


I have black stitching in mine,but the brochure showed either as an option but as i bought mine from dealer who had it as demo i didnt have a choice would also have liked B&O but you cant have everything well happy with the deal i got and alos the extras on the car:)


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Really nice car - agree with you regarding the colour, it's much nicer in the flesh.
just don't scare yourself now by going to "webuyanycar" to see what it's worth..............don't do it - really!!! :sadlike:


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love the s4.............:icon_thumright:


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Gorgeous car mate :icon_thumright:

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Like that a lot- very nice car!


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Looks lovely, just need an RS6 steering wheel now and the interior is :wub:


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Stunning. Best colour by far. Not seen a B8 S4 yet in the flesh, so will be popping around the dealer when mine is in for a service :)


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I am currently driving a 330D M Sport and trying to pluck up the courage to order an S4. At the weekend I test drive one and really like it. Considering a car very similar to yours! - Originally like phantom black, but the photos you posted are swaying me! On the cards:
Sprint Blue with black super sport seats, 19" 7 arm double spoke alloys, drive select with damper control, hill hold assist, tyre pressure monitoring and (possibly) the black style pack / window tints.

Is damper control worth getting? (I love the M sport suspension on my 330D when having fun around round abouts, but find it a bit too hard on the motorway, hence theought this would be a good option to get.

What is the consensus on the black styling pack? Originally was leaning towards it, but now think the chrome quite suits the sprint blue.

In the past I have always bought a 6month to 1 year old car, so this would be the first new car ive ever ordered -> surprised to see that second hand they are still very expensive, yet autocar gives them poor residuals after 3 years compared to my current car.



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What is the consensus on the black styling pack? Originally was leaning towards it, but now think the chrome quite suits the sprint blue.

Personally I don't think the black optics suits Sprint Blue but others seem to disagree. It's a personal taste thing at the end of the day.