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Market Research For A3 Owners (pays £200)

Mike071288 Aug 18, 2014

  1. Mike071288

    Mike071288 Active Member

    Been sent this by a family member, thought id send it out to fellow A3 owners.

    Read below.

    We have an interesting project for owners of the cars listed below that have been bought / leased from New in the last 3 years. Qualifying Cars:

    • Audi A3, (3-doors)
    • Audi A3, (5-doors) Sportback
    • Mercedes A-class
    The research will take place at you home with you and your car. at a date and time suitable to you either Daytime or early evening between 1st and 9th September. The interview will be video recorded for research purposes. The incentive is £200.

    Project Audi A3 & Merc A Class Owners
    Date & Time From 1st Sept - Interviews to suit
    Location Your Home
    Duration 2 Hours
    Incentive £200
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    If you would like to be considered for this research study then please click apply below.

    Click Here to Apply

    Please Note: We receive many responses to research requests and it is not always possible to reply to all emails or phone messages. We are very sorry if you do not hear from us but you may be luckier next time. This list is reasonably high volume so if you would prefer not to receive further alerts then you may unsubscribe by clicking below. If you ever want to resubscribe then you may do so by visiting logging into your account www.i-point.co.uk and adjust your subscription.

    Best Regards

    iPoint Market Research
  2. Mike071288

    Mike071288 Active Member

    Morning Guys, just to let you all know, i did this last monday and they are still looking for a3 owners, if you interested call either of these numbers.

    01923 750003
    07956 219293

    Come on guys, its easy money and its used for audi internal market research so its a opportunity to get your voice heard.
  3. steeve

    steeve Well-Known Member Team Ibis TeamMisano Audi S3

    Survey closed..................
  4. Mike071288

    Mike071288 Active Member

    Did you phone the number? The survey has closed but they still need more people, phone the number and speak to Deanne.

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