Live switched power in C6 Avant Boot area


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Hi, I now have my SOT cable, Does anyone know where there is a ignition switched power supply in the rear of the A6 ?
It will save me allot of time trying to find one if someone else already has .

Many Thanks


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Thanks for your reply, yes there is but it is a permanent feed :(
Are you sure? I am pretty certain that on my (facelift) C6 Avant all of the 12v sockets were switched they certainly are on the C7. Though if your car is pre-facelift then it may be one of the things they changed


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Yeah, All fuses in the boot are permanent live, Anyone else got any thoughts... perhaps in the front fusebox ?


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get a caravan charge relay
like this

wire it to the battery via a fuse or double it off the 12v socket feed,
it only switches on when the engine is running and making good volts

i ran one in my passat to charge my 2nd battery :)