A6 C6 Avant Bose system


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Feb 10, 2019
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Hi, new to the forum. Just a quick question. I used to have a 2006 C6 4F saloon with the Bose system, which sounded immense. Good bass too. My 2011 4F Avant, also has Bose but has literally no bass. I assume it doesn't have a sub hidden, like the saloon did. Did any of the Avant's come with a sub, and would I be able to retro fit one if so? Don't really want to go down the route of having a seperate bass box in the boot.

Thanks, Alex
There is no Bass speaker in the Avant, the bass comes from the 2 lower front door speakers. You would have to hack some sort of bass system, a few people have done it but requires a good electronics knowledge to get it working and you would have a box in the boot as there is no other place to fit a speaker, unless you use the spare wheel space.
i cringe from contradicting B4Nut, but I think there is a sub in the avant - at least there seems to be in mine (July 2005) .
It is actually in the top of the dash centrally and I only noticed it when the sun (remember that?) struck it in an unusual direction.
Having turned the bass full up on a bassey piece, I am fairly sure that that is where the most bass was coming from.

The speaker in the dash is a very small center speaker (speaker in the pic below near the AMP), that does not give out any base.

I retrofitted Bose in my C6, and here is a picture of all the speakers except the tweeters (For an Avant)