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Just Renewed - Audi S3 Modified, comparison

k1ano Apr 17, 2018

  1. k1ano

    k1ano Member

    In case it helps anyone ...

    The car is 2003 S3, modified (turbo, ecu, chimney, wheels, suspension, induction), north west, 2 named drivers, 10k mileage, drive other cars 3rd party, like for like excess and cover etc.

    I have been with Sky for many years (with the odd break) and have never had any issues with service. This year the renewal went up from 430 (inc fees) to 500 (inc fees). They were prepared to take it down to 470 with an early renewal discount. Normally I don't tend to ring around as usually I have been able to get the same premiums year on year - which I would have also done this time. On this occasion they couldn't budge even after I had rung around - see below.

    Called Adrian Flux, they were very competitive with a quote of 393. I didn't renew immediately as I wanted to have a further think and check some reviews as I've never used them before. They use Trinity Lane which I understand is their own branded insurer. I contacted Sky with this quote, they couldn't move from the 470.

    Called Chris Knott, even better quote having provided the above ones. Came in at 375. I decided to go with this one as I have used Chris Knott before and they are using Highway as the insurer, which Sky have also used with me in the past.

    I wouldn't hesitate to go back to Sky in future but on this occasion I wasn't prepared to stump up the significant increase with no ability to negotiate.
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    Sorry we could help out with your insurance this year but thanks for giving us a try.

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