Is it just me ?


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Dec 11, 2007
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Northampton, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom
My brother took the cars big battery out a while back and never bolted it back into place, TBH it doesnt really need it as its mega heavy, so today i had the bolt it back in parts, 1 bolt, 1 block thing with a hole in it and a long thing with a hole in it,

it did not take me long to see how it goes back in,

but ****** the life out of a dead rabbit, it was flipping imposserble to get it all in, you cant get a monkey nut down and in there let alone my frigging fingers and the rest of it, So its been put down the list of things to do on the car until i get some more feelings in my fingers,

Any tips please or pics of yours all fitted please so i know im not fooking it up ?
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Insulting tape over the head of the bolt so it fits nice and tight in a socket and use a long extension
thin long extension bar on the socket and try pulling the wiring harness that runs along the top out of the way a little helped when i changed mine
It can be abit of a faff.
Best to be bolted down though - there are a few big cables round the battery tray which are prone to chaffing if the battery is loose.