Interior lighting help please - A4 CAB


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Hello ,

I thought with the spec of my car that a number of lights would be included , but alas it appears under the doors there are just plastic blanks and no lights ? ( is this a new loom to get the lights ? )

also my seats are Leather /Alcantara and heated all working fine , but noticed the other day there appears to be wiring plugs which to me look like the same as the ones under the doors ie- lighting ?

should/does my car usually have lighting in the footwells and under the seats or one/other ?

car - 2003 53 REG 20VT QUATTRO CAB



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There can be light under the front seat but it's for the rear footwell lights the drivers foot well lights are just above the pedals


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I had a 04 18t cab and retro fitted the front foot wells and rear footwells ( in the seats ) in red to stay on with lights

The White lights under the door panels ( puddle lights )and the red end markers in the doors

All an easy install