How to replace the break light?


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Jul 31, 2011
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Does anyone have any ideas on how to replace a break light on an a3 2008, i removed the plastic cap and then knocked it in the hole (doh how do i get it out), and i was presented with a plastic nut. I assume i must some how use a screw driver or something to undo the plastic nut to get at the light fitting to change the bulb? or must i use a special tool?
Yep, you use a screwdriver, it takes quite a few turns but it will come off
Once you unscrew the plastic nut you then have to wiggle the unit free, I found it best to move the unit towards the front of the car and slightly away to pop the metal nipples out of the main body of the car see pic below

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thanks much appreciated, i couldnt believe it when i saw the plastic nut and thought this cannot be right i must need a special tool or if it was just cosmetic. No manual to hand to double check. Hopefully i ordered the correct bulb without even seeing the one in the car.

only problem i have now is once nut is off is getting the damn light out, cannot work out if its push front, back or at an angle, it seems fully stuck
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Dont use a screwdriver Al, use a long 13mm iirc socket, the plastic nuts can get messed up with screwdrivers, I always use sockets, always & dont force it of, you have to jiggle it slowly & prise it of as per the pic shown, once done it 1st time, each subsequent is allot easier, he says :p
Well i have been wiggling for a good hour now and it just will not come off at all, the back has a 1cm gap but moving it fwd and back results in nothing. Where are the metal nipples? do i need to bang it at all or just keep on wiggling away in a fwd and back motion?

i used a screw driver in the end but didnt damage or destroy the socket as i made sure the screw driver was wide and thick but i will use a socket tool next time to prevent damage.
Do not bang it, you break those nipples of you're goosed, you need to edge it of on the nipple end, they come of eventually trust me.
Replacement nuts are £0.67p for those who have stuffed it before! I bought a couple of them as I accidentally overtightened one of mine with my 1/4 drive. As Nige said don't waste your time with a screwdriver, 13mm socket is what you want.

Audi Tail Light / Lamp - Nut/Holder- 8P0945300
well after hours of battling with two nipples i finally got it off, opened the packet of bulbs to replace the faulty one and doh realised i had ordered incorrect bulb. It says right brake like and the bulb in the back appears to be a thin connector not round. Toshiba 921 12v W16W *sigh* why does changing a bulb have to be so complicated. first nipples now the damn bulb
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OK all done, cheers guys. Ive taken it off and put it back on a few times now and its much easier once you have taken it off once.
What's a break light ? :) does it light up a Kit-Kat or something ?
Didnt like doing this with my car, my RHS break like went and i didnt wanna pull the light too much incase i broke on of thoses nipples off.
Ahh well it came out, changed it and went back in fine :beerchug:
I bought one of those rubber suction pad tools. Push the rubber suction pad on to the the lenses cover pull the handle to create suction. Bit of wiggling and off comes the lens cover.
And a smear of Vaseline in the rubber sockets makes subsequent replacement and removal a doddle! :undwech:
Dunno Paddy, but certainly maybe its the same as a Break Like :jester:
Finally got round to doing this today after driving around with the warning for 3 months.
Was expecting to have no end of trouble, but light was out and bulb changed in about 10 minutes...!

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