Hopefully ordering my S3 Sportback on Sat


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Well I've been to the dealers today and talked turkey and it appears as though we may have come up with a deal.

I'm currently mulling it over :)readit:) and checking that I've specced everything I really want.

Big thanks to JamS3 for the help on options and the nod with the dealer. :respekt:

So the spec I've gone for is:

S3 Sportback (manual)
Sprint Blue
Alu Roof rails
Folding mirrors (for the missus coming up the drive :no:)
Parking sensors rear
Interior light pack
Privacy glass
Light & rain sensor pack
Flat tyre warning

Going to do the RNS-e upgrade once purchased, plus a little lowering and spacing out of the rims for starters. (****** Hell I havn't even confirmed the order yet and I'm modding it )

More than happy with the deal I got. I'll share all on the figures once I've confirmed on Saturday and the deal is done for those who would like to know.

I've also arranged a test drive for Saturday as I've only ever drove Jam's around the block when it was being run in, so I'll be nice to actually drive one.

Are there any glaringly obvious things I've missed from the spec? What about accessories? Any that I should spec with the car?


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Xenons and heated seats ?

IMO, most people tend to look for xenons on a car nowadays or if not, retrofit them.

Id defo get xenons though as thats on my to do list as i really wish i had them


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It's an S3, it'll have xenons as standard.

I'd definately go for the heated seats, well worth it, especially with the weather we have at the moment.

EDIT: I think those are standard on the S3 too!


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The only thing i'd go for on top of your spec is the bluetooth GSM prep.


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Yeah - xenons are standard.

On checking the brochure, heated front seats are also standard - I need to check that they are still standard when ordering the buckets though .


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I've actually PM'd someone on that exact topic.

I'm going to be retro fitting the RNS-E unit and wasnt sure whether I needed to spec the GSM bluetooth phone prep also, or whether it came integrated as pat of the RSN-E.


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I have the RNS-E and GSM prep - you still need the GSM prep to be able to make and receive calls from the car, sync phonebook to the DIS etc.

The RNS-E phone functions are pretty limited anyway but without GSM prep it would be completely useless!


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Ah Ok - so I defo need to add that to my spec list.

Another £385 :sos:


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Ah - but I've spent more than that on options !

But saved quite a lot with a good discount :hubbahubba:


Heated seats are standard with the buckets too... hmmm toasty :)


S3 (8P)
Yeah, defo Bluetooth.

Is FBMFSW std on the S3 now?

You need that. Finishes the cabin off perfectly.
Good luck for Sat.


Slipp Digby

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service package @ £250 for three years

FBMFSW is now standard, as is zenons, centre armrest, heated seats (number 4 is a very nice place to be in December!)

BOSE is well worth the money. but you will only get the standard concert single Cd player unless you upgrade.

USB connection is good for extra music capacity. the only problem is that it doesnt show the name of the MP3 but you can have as many song as you pen drive can take ( i am up to about 600).


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Paul see PM mate re Bluetooth, better way to go!

Don't be a lightweight and get the order in....


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PM received :icon_thumright:

Going on Sat, have a nice drive out (S3 testdrive) going to try and get an extended test drive, (dont get if you dont ask right !) and then back to close the deal in time for tea £28k lighter :sos:


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Enjoy the test drive....let us know of what you think......


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TPMS as its cheap as chips, like £40-75, I would get bixenon adaptive headlights not just bixenon standards, dimming internal & external mirrors as its cheap with folding mirrors aswell & trust me I wouldnt have a car without either, front park sensors aswell if you're wife's driving, not just rears, they're all the same, lol, coming home feature, if you have mountain bikes then detach towbar as you cant see when not used & its great for bike on/off speediness & I think its standard but interior light & storage packages, they are all useful at certain times for sure given I assume you've got at least a 10% discount of new car anyway in these times


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TPMS? Sorry whats that.

The rest you mentioned, light pack etc I've ordered, apart from the directional xenons, dont see the need to be honest.

With a bit of jiggery pokery due to the change in price lists and vat etc. Overall I'm happy. The discount has pretty much paid for all of the options.

I'll post up the exact details for reference for anyone else who's thinking of going to buy new, once i've signed on the dotted line that is. Something I found quite difficult when looking at the S3 was that I could not find any reference anywhere on a few forums I visited to give me an idea of what to pay. Monthly costs, deposit, future value etc. If it was not for a few discussions with another forum member I would not even be typing this now, as I was of the opinion that the S3 was out of my reach.

Ultimatley the deal I have done suits me, but may not to be everyone elses cup of tea, but at least if it gives someone else the option to buy an S3 then we will have achieved something.

More details tomorrow when the deal is done Audi dealer / finance company = :eiertritt: = me but I'll have an :s3addict: :yes:


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TPMS= Tyre Pressure Monitoring System.

It was a £25 option when I got mine, sort of a no brainer, plus it saves having a blank button on the dash.


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I got 11% off so 10% should be easily achieved (-: move on if you don't get at least 10% its a buyers market


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TPMS= Tyre Pressure Monitoring System.

It was a £25 option when I got mine, sort of a no brainer, plus it saves having a blank button on the dash.

Ah Ok - I've specced this already, see above post.