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  • Could recode my central locking was all working fine till I tried to started playing with. Just name your price it's doing my head in now
    Hey I was just wondering if you could read the error codes on my A3 8P and perhaps also discuss a couple of VCDS mods with me, I'm a paying customer of course and I am close by with me being in Chorley. Please get back to me ASAP, thanks very much.
    hi, just done search says u have a vagcom and within manchester area is this correct. cheers in advance
    Hi have you still got the chippeduk ST3 programmer for sale ?
    if not then can you please just let me know!
    Hi thanks for the reply , the light bulb logo come on in the dis as says rear turning lights.
    If i put the indicator on they flash , then the stop. I was thought they just needed coding ?
    Sorry mate - i sold the kit with the instuctions.

    IIRC, there was a metal bracket, a few spacers aroudn 1cm long, and two thorns which stuck out on the side of the lip that you had to drill into the bumper.

    The bumper doesnt have to be removed but when i test fitted mine, it went staight on... you sure you have the right one as there 2 versions...
    hi kaz do you still have the fitting instructions for the front votex lip ,mine doesnt seem to fit around the front bumper correctly unless of course i have to remove the front bumper to fit it
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