Hello and AUX In hack question :)


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Jun 4, 2012
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London, UK
Hello A6 peeps :)

Just swapped my 2005 A3 Sportback 3.2 quattro for a 2010 A6 Avant 3.0 TDI due to finding that yes the A3 was a 5-door, but then you put the baby seat in the back, there really is no room left for the front passenger!

Loving it so far and have already fired up VCDS to mod what I can.
Will be updating the MMI 3G HDD to 2013 firmwares and maps tomorrow thanks to an awesome thread on the A5OC (something to do whilst forced to work with no work to actually do - I'll sit in the carpark and mod the car, instead!).

I've noticed some threads floating about hard-wiring an Aux-In via the amp's spare PINs, but for the life of me can no longer find them. Google is not being my friend on this! Has anyone done and and can confirm it works once you've enabled AUX-IN on the MMI? (I've done that bit already!)
I'd love to shove a Bluetooth A2DP streaming module on there (leaving it in the boot) but the one that arrived today needs a button pressed to power on.. not that handy! So the search continues!

All help gratefully received!


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Ah, thought that would be too lucky! Thanks for the prompt response.
Ouch, not sure I can justify £250 just for Aux In then another £60 for Tune2Air..
I added it to the Nav+ on the A3 for about £8 in official Audi parts.. ;)

Is it not worth looking at the XCarLink options?
AMI obviously gives you more than just Aux, gives you iPod/USB/Aux as you please.

I can't comment on XCarlink as I prefer OEM and it offers such a nicer integration in the car using MFSW and thru the MMI.
True, but I have no use for iPod integration (plus, assume it's not compatible with the new connector, so will because less worthwhile having) and with twin SD slots, I don't need the USB function.
It's what I'm going to use rather than the full list of features it gives :)

Does Tune2Air do current track info on screen, skip tracks using the MMI, etc?
I'd be using it with Spotify.
Spotify pretty much works like any other media player on Android now - so hopefully the info should send over bluetooth etc.
I'll drop him a PM, thanks!
Looks like Tune2Air is iPod/Apple track info only. No such niceness on Android - it would just be a glorified Aux in.
Therefore, not as attractive..

The search continues :)
Still ask Tim as he's bound to know something which will suit your needs.
Nice motor, I get my A6 3.0TDI Quattro avant this month and looking forward to it. I know the AMI kit is expensive but's It is worth the money, I also used the dension gatway 500, I know that is not compatible with A2DP, but the 500S BT version is.
Thanks B5NUT, and yes, I am probably going to have to resort to retrofitting AMI, but it does seem like a waste as I'll only realistically use it as a aux-in.
I'll keep an eye out for another idea - not in a rush. The Dension one again, I'd only use half the features and it's not exactly cheap :)
Forgot to ask could you post or PM me the link the the 3G HDD upgrade, cheers.
Alright chaps!

Sorry for not popping on here recently.
1st day back in the office and had a pretty busy Xmas so very little time for ASN!

I'm not on the Samsung train but have been told there is an update for Samsung devices so that it works correctly. Sold 100s of these badboys all round the world for all different vehicles and phones and never had problems so I'm guessing it's fine.

My bro has a Samsung S4 so I grab it and try it when he's around and pop it in one of our A6s.