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  • good afternoon
    Now when i open the passenger door on the clocks it says the drivers is open and vice versa also on another diagnostic software it thinks it has a 20l fuel tank so the range etc is erratic and also it thinks its an automatic.Is this something you could look at and rectify?If so how much would you want for doing so?
    many thanks Kieran
    Hi MarkWizzard,

    I have read your post about AWX engine problem from last year. Is there any update what you can share with us? I am in the exact same shoe, I am loosing coolant via the exp tank. Already changed thermostate, waterpump, flushed coolant system, pressure test ok, even tried K-Seal (ended up in the exp tank), after K seal changet exp tank as it was so dirty could not see properly the coolant level - still having the same problem on long motorway runs loosing water. It stays ok in town, short runs but drives me crazy...
    So can you share what happened at the end please?
    Ps I am going to a garage tomorrow who has this head gasket tester to check, they recon it is the head what has a crack somewhere... oh and there is no coolant in oil or vice versa
    Thanks your reply
    My email is garyadorjan@gmail.com
    Hi MarkWizard,i have been told by a couple of members that you may be able to help me reset an airbag fault light.
    I also live in Gainsborough and am currently off shift until Friday night,if you could email me at mark@henry64.plus.com and i will explain the situation and see if you can resolve it for me,hope to hear from you in the near future,Marco64.
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