Gearbox Malfunction :(


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Hi guys,

(Sorry this is in this section it's in regards to my A7 originally posted in the A7 page but it's abit quite in there atm)

It's about time I've signed up always looking through and getting so much help from this forum.

Unfortunately it's my turn :( just wonder if anyone could shed any light on this please.

I've owned my car for nearly a year now its on 74,000miles. It's recently started causing me problems but only tends to be after a long journey hour-ish of driving once warmed up on a short journey doesn't cause me any issues.

Several times now the EML will come on for a few seconds putting the car in limp mode but will go straight away back to normal driving, the dash message prompts Gearbox Malfunction a few times it has came back after a few minutes of doing that and will do the same again.

Managed to use my friends diagnostic tool (cheapy one) which reads codes;

P0012 - intake camshaft positioning timing over ****** bank 1

P0015 - exhaust camshaft positioning timing over ****** bank 1

I have also started to hear a metal to metal tapping noise which only occurs sometimes coming from underneath (almost like a mental coat hanger tapping) it happens only when pulling away in about 5mph, turning in a corner or putting the car in reverse but only at low speeds for a few taps.

Hoping to get my mechanic friend to get it in the garage with me to have a look underneath etc at the weekend but was hoping one of you guys may be able to shed any light or if you have also had this problem what you did to resolve please.

Any help would be much appreciated hate seeing her just sitting there like a paper weight :(.

Thank you charlie

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Hi there,

Model year.
Engine and box please ?


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that error code is the cam chain tensioner and the rattle your probably hearing is the cam chain .. personally i would get it to a garage asap and not drive it.. if that goes your in danger of screwing an engine.. tensioners are pretty expensive but easy to fit..