Floored it on the freeway, and have the ESP and CEL on now.


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Jul 14, 2018
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So the other day I was driving down the interstate, and happened to push the gas all the way to the floor. All of a sudden there’s a really rough jolt in the transmission up shifting to a higher gear.

I continued to drive it and didn’t experience any problems for a couple miles, then my ESP light comes on. Continued driving to my exit in stop and go traffic, finally pulled off and shut the car off, and turned it back on. No lights were on, started driving 10mph or so and both ESP and the CEL were on. And when I would come to a stop ESP would shut off, and come back on when I started moving again. Also during this period only I was hearing a kind of loud clunking noise from what sounded like the driver front wheel well. Now the clunking noise isn’t as obvious and only hear is occasionally. I do have a OBD tracker and reader in my car at all times so I did get code P0102 from that when the CEL first illuminated. So still about 15 miles from home I continue driving it.

I did some research, and found I need to check my MAF. I just happened to get back from a 5K mile road trip not that long ago, and the air filter was quite dirty, so I got that replaced and took the MAF out and cleaned it with a can of MAF cleaner.
I also used my OBDeleven to check the codes and clear them. That gave me these codes, P0102, and P0011. After finishing that cleaning and filter replacement I put it all back and with the codes clear back out of my drive way. Put the car in drive and oh boy the jolt from shifting into drive and the ESP and CEL instantly were back on. Drove around the block and stopped popped the hood and disconnected the MAF cable and turned the car on and drove. Car seemed to be okay for the short drive around the block. Checked the codes again with the OBDeleven and got P0102 and P1602.

My concern with this is the clunking sound, what do you think that might be ? I’m Also assuming that MAF is going to need to be replaced, so I found that for $70 for an OEM one on rockauto.

Also for quite some time since I’ve owned the car I’ve had codes randomly popup through my SyncUP drive, transmission related but really weird random codes that googling would only bring up German documents. And never caused a CEL. That’s these,
3966FF7A 20EA 4F8A 9ED3 7F5CCD746C01

C0AD6244 91DB 4423 8FCA 938657E59048

0F8FF4C5 21C6 45B1 A668 E40406DF9636

My car is a 2004 A4 Quattro 1.8t around 53,000 miles.