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Nov 14, 2011
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2004 a4 1.8tq bex

I posted a thread the other day as the cel and esp lights came on when I started the car. Scanned the car and got P0102, so I changed the MAF for a brand new one this morning rather than faff about with cleaning the old one.

Deleted the code and cel went out, and within 200yds of driving so did the esp light.

All was good on a 10 mile test drive, and was fine too whilst driving 20 miles to work later on. However, when I got to work I had to turn the car off to open the gates with the blipper on my keys, started the car again and both lights were instantly back on.

Code says P0102 again, it's running fine so don't know where to look next now.

I am really keen to get this sorted quickly as I spent a LOT of my time driving and it's so irritating! I could do with trying what I can myself at home as I need to be able to throw the car back together and go if I get called out, so a garage isn't ideal at the moment.

The tip that solves it wins an Easter egg!

Thanks guys.
Check the intake hose that connects the airbox / maf to the turbo for splits. Check particularly around the jubilee clip the connects the hose to the turbo as they tend to split around there and will throw up a similar code.
Just a quick update,

The car has started running a bit lumpy and feels to be down on power.

Checked wiring as best I can, also checked the hoses and can't see anything unusual.

I'm going to take the lot out later weather permitting, and check everything before refitting. I will try cleaning the maf I took out and fitting that see if it makes any difference.

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