Cel and esp lights


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Nov 14, 2011
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I've posted about this before but still haven't found the cause. Ran a better diagnostic on it and got p0102 and p1290.

p0102 (maf signal too low) I've had on my own diagnostic and following this I changed tape maf, this didn't solve anything.
p1290 (coolant temp sensor, signal too small) didn't come up on mine.

for both to fail at the same time am I right in thinking its likely a wiring fault, or are these two components completely separate?

ive had a quick check over the easily accessible wiring/connectors but just wanted to check I was on a reasonable train of thought before I start emptying the engine bay to check them properly.


Both the MAF & CTS are very common failures so it's quite likely both are failing Replace with genuine VAG parts only.
Buy cheap, buy twice.
Right then,

Dragging this back up again,

Still have the same problem, same symptoms only now the fans come on as soon as the car is started and stay on for about 10 mins after switching off,

I have changed the maf and temp sensor for brand new vag ones, had the ecu box open and dismantled to check for anything loose, water ingress etc all looks brand new and sparkly in there, can't find any loose connectors/wiring elsewhere.

Please can someone tell me where to look next,

I'm in the predicament where the car isn't worth enough to warrant hundreds of pounds at dealers/specialists but independents are just as clueless as me, almost time for the scrap heap I'm fearing !

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