Double to single din conversion


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Sep 24, 2009
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My 2002 S3(Face lift) Ihave bought a second hand air con controller as my the paint has come off the buttons and looks shabby i want to fit and after market stereo but don't no where to start can i stil have the centre binacle display? can i still use the steering wheel controls? where can i get the dash components to do the job? any advice greatfully received
Thanks ron
we have a single DIN that we could swap with you....problem being that we have a perfect air con unit and would want the same from you....exactly what you havent got :)
that fascia is for an 8P
noone makes a double din Fascia for the 8L.

Yarp, I had this prob too... was going to mod an A4 one as it can be trimmed to fit but found someone wanting a double din console so swapped the bits... you need the cage at the very least, you can trim the climate control unit but luckily the guy swapped this too and had the lower compartment as well... lots of stuff to remove to get it done though, most of the lower part of the dash apart to get at the cage.

Went from this..
IMG_3343.jpg this...