Coilovers vs Springs


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Ive got an MY01 S3 and i'm considering upgrading my suspension.

Main purpose is for appearance so I can lower it, but will enjoy the improved handling, even though i dont do track days.

so i'm trying to decide between a set of springs, vs some coilovers. I'm considering KW V1 vs Eibach Pro vs lowered springs (brand undecided)

springs are obviously the cheapest route, but are fixed height, versus the adjustable height coilovers. i also gather that springs will need a camber kit installed as well.

My main concern is how much day-to-day ride comfort will I be sacrificing with any of the three options above, ralative my current standard setup.

and more specifically, does anyone have any views on the KW vs Eibach coilovers, especially in terms of realtive harshness


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general conscious on here is to steer clear of coilovers unless you trackday your car a lot.
Use the search function bud there are a gazillion threads about this now.


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Gareth, you've seen my pics, get the Eibach kit. It still rides really well on Aussie roads but tightens everything up nicely.


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a good spring/damper setup rather than coilovers. I had coilovers on 2 daily cars and I think I changed the height and damper settings only once...LOL


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Anyone interested in selling me either a set of coilovers, or a set of lowered springs?

coilovers would have to be used (but still in good nick) - as new is probably out of my price range.

PM me if you have any offers.



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generally speaking, you will get a smoother ride from a decent matched set of shocks and springs, compared to coilovers.

I've got a weitec shock and spring kit on my A3, and it's fairly firm, but not too bad. a mate of mine ran his A3 on some decent coilovers at the same height, and it was much harsher on bumpy roads.

The S3 doesn't take well to be really lowered a lot anyway, so personally, I'd spend the money on some decent bilstien B8 shocks and H&R springs.


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If i was going to do the suspension on mine i'd go for the bilstien B8 shocks and H&R springs to...

I had Eibach coilovers on my A3 and although it handled like it was on rails, the day to day comfort had gone, i used to bob and bounce down the road and was always on the look out for pot holes and badly fitted drain covers...its not nice hearing your car being rattled to pieces...for the track though they would of been perfect !!


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i have to agree that coil overs will make your car bouncy as hell on any uneven road, am looking now at changing to a good shock/spring setup on my A4 but just cant seem to nail what lowering height i want :(


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What are you doing here Id??:icon_thumright:

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I've driven mine back to back with a standard suspension one and it's the best compromise around. Pretty cheap for what you get as well. And the 30mm drop is the perfect look on standard wheels