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  • Hi Fran, I am new to the Audi A3, I have made a thread:

    Not sure if you can be bothered to read it all, but I am having problems with my rear parking sensors, NHN suggests doing something with VCDS like reprogramming or something, do you think you can help? If so howmuch would you charge for me to come out to you and use the VCDS? do you know how to programme?

    Kind regards,

    Amit Patel

    Do you still offer vagcom services? I'm after somebody to mute my seat belt alarm in my Golf MK5. Please let me know either on here or @

    Hi fran, can I post you a cheque, and when it clears then you can post.if you can confirm
    Hi fran, would you post the tip to Ireland, Dublin ?
    I posted on the classifieds last week.
    Hi Fran, thanks for the message. Its been a while since I was lurking around here! I did have the alarm and the battery, think that it was about £80 from Audi... People kept coming up with the alarm problem (beeps from the back of the car, right ?), but nobody took it. For some reason, mine struggled in teh very cold weather once over Christmas then for some reaon, cured itself hence the fact I never fitted it. It was a bit of a faff as it was under the Bose speaker stuff AFAIK.
    Unfortunately when I sold the car it went too.

    Hope you get sorted.

    All the best. Rick
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