Audi TT RS Coupe


Does anybody have any better ideas of release dates/order-waiting times, prices etc for the new baby.

Also, what does you fine people think of it? Im considering trading my 8P S3 for one...?


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Dunno much, but I saw my first ever TT RS convertible the other day so I'm assuming it's been released.

Ash B

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I think they already been released some time middle of june. Over heard some one at my local dealer placing an order


hud at ye bam
£44k without options....

It's on the car configurator already, and with the options I'd want, it becomes more expensive than my RS4.


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My friend has an Audi Individual one on order, should arrive in August, should easy see 500bhp with Big Turbo etc, R8 mini beater, is the best way to see it.