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Audi A6 avant 2002

Vasil Dec 8, 2018 at 3:28 PM

  1. Vasil

    Vasil New Member

    Hi guys,
    Im new to the forum. I own a 2001 audi a6 avant 2.5 tdi automatic. Its a old car but it drives amazing( sometimes) and also i have spend a lot of money repairing it so i dont want to get rid of it. The issues with the car, i will try to keep them short.

    1st issue and this is not bothering me too much is the abs. The light is on, i went to a garage and there was no fault codes, the scan tool that the mechanic used was an expensive one but he told me it will need a new abs pump. Now this may be tru but im not going to spend another 300/400 on a new pump. Is there another way to test if its the pump or not

    2nd issue is to do with the idling and gearbox( i think they are related). Car starts first time, no problem but when you put it in drive you realy have to rev it up in order to go. If i leave it to idle for 5 min still the same. Sometimes it dose not have that issue. Also after driving it for a while and you go to stop the car revs stay at like 2000 and the car dose not want to stop. After pressing down really hard it stops but it jumps around. I have no idea what is that and even more weird is when you are parked or in nutrual the revs will start climing up and than after few min will go down. Please help me.

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