1. B

    Gearbox confusion

    Hi I’ve got a 6 speed a4 b6 avant 2003 1.9tdi with the avf engine I’m just wondering if I could swap my gearbox (GBA code) for the (FYA code) gearbox they both come out of the same models and are both 6 speed. Thanks
  2. S

    Audi S4 B8 Shifting problems

    Hello, I’ve got a 2010 S4 with 90k miles on the clock. I’ve started noticing some issues and it only happens every now and again. Most of the time shifting from 1st-2nd under full throttle i experience a big delay in acceleration and even sometimes it takes itself all the way up to 8k but then...
  3. T

    2017 Audi A3 Squealing Noise

    Hi, I have a 2017 AUDI A3 1.4 TFSI with an S-TRONIC gearbox. Since last September it has been making a strange squealing type noise that appears for around 3-4 seconds then goes when pulling away and at lower speeds between gears but this is far less audible. I have tried my best with the Audi...
  4. CB120

    S1 Gearbox & Transfer case - Metal found in the oil

    Hey guys, im brand new to this forum. Im coming here because unfortunately, ive found a lot of metal in my transfer case and gearbox. Something seems to be making a crunching sound while in reverse as well. Ive stopped driving my car until i get a gearbox recondition & new transfer case...
  5. P

    Devon Independent

    Hi there, Anyone recommend an independent close to Plymouth or worth travelling from there for? Trusty(ish) B7 with transmission concerns. Thanks
  6. rajsta

    1st Gear selection issue

    2011 A6 2.0L TDI, 170Ps. I'm hoping this could be something overlooked. I've just had a new used low mileage Manual Gearbox fitted as the old ones shaft bearings were shot causing excessive wobble/ Vibrations. Now the new gearbox has cured these issues with no more wobble/ Vibrations. It's now...
  7. A7Vorsprung

    Audi A7/A6 C8 50 tdi torque/gearbox software update

    We all know the horrible torque issue with the 50 tdi from Audi. It is dangerous on entering a roundabout and exiting a junction. Luckily I have received a call from Audi to bring the car to the dealership for a software update, that will resolves this issue. I can't wait to update you guys...
  8. J

    Do I have the wet or dry clutch? Can somebody help me as i have slipping gears.

    I have the audi a5 3.0tdi with the 7 speed stronic box, I think i need a new clutch as the gears slip in 3rd 5th and 7th, after doing research I think its the wet clutch but cant find a clutch to buy for one of these! If anybody can shed some light and maybe a link that would be awesome, thank...
  9. Steven87

    7 speed S-Tronic service

    Does anyone know what the service interval is on the facelift 7 speed gearbox? I'm getting conflicting opinions of 40k and 80k miles.....
  10. N

    B8 Gearbox overheating, adapt driving style

    Hi, just wanted to ask if anyone has experienced this message on dashboard while accelerating. Have 180.000km now and it ieems that under heavy acceleration the 3rd and 5th gears are "slipping", car stops accelerating and revs go high then the chime sounds and above error appear for 2 seconds...
  11. T

    Fluttering sound from front of car

    Hi all, This is my first post on here so I'll start by saying how amazing this platform is. I have found a lot of helpful information on here thanks to you lovely bunch. I have a 2017 Audi A3 S Line TFSI S-A with 22,000 miles on the clock. I have noticed a fluttering sound coming from the...
  12. Temsku

    Weird sound from the A5 S-Tronic gearbox

    Hello! I'm having this weird noise coming from the gearbox. It occurs when the gear is on P or N. When you shift to D or R, it disappears. Flywheel has been replaced, but no impact whatsoever to the noise. The noise actually got a bit more silent, but I think it's because the gearbox oil was...
  13. L

    For Sale Bkd 6 speed gear box plus all engine parts except head and block for sale!

    Items for sale all of a pd140 bkd engine
  14. EctoA3

    Gearbox Trouble

    Hi, I cant engage any gears left of neutral on my 6 speed manual 2.0 tfsi (so reverse, 1st and 2nd) Engine off or on makes no difference, nor does clutch position. The gearstick itself wont move to the left of the neutral position but will otherwise move around freely (although not as...
  15. P

    190bhp TDI Quattro B9 - S-Tronic Gearbox Servicing Query

    I'm a newbie to the forum but have a query I'm hoping you'll be able to help me with. I recently purchased a 2016 B9 Quattro Automatic with the DSG 7 speed gearbox. It's an ex lease car so it has high mileage (90,000). I have the car in with an Indy mechanic (I've asked for all filters and...
  16. C

    Sold 8V RS3 DQ500 Gearbox inc. Transfer box

    Location: Oxford - Collection or Shipping fine and available for inspection during business hours (is at a workshop as is way to big to have at home). Price:£2000 As pictured gearbox, flywheel, Mechatronics, transfer box and starter from a 2015 - 2016 CZGB Engined RS3. Donor vehicle had just...
  17. George_P

    S3 8v Gearbox problem or software

    Ok, got my S3 8v 68 plate with 6k miles. At smooth acceleration the revs go up and down and at about 6k revs the car wants to change the gear, jercks really hard and stays in 3rd gear. Then after couple of atemps it goes into 4th. Look at the video on YouTube Taking car to Audi tomorrow...
  18. S

    02e DSG Transmission Swap question

    Greetings, my 2010 a3 quattro 2.0l tfsi uses a 6-speed DSG. The code for this DSG variant is LVT. My question is, (besides the mechatronic recoding) can ANY 02e be used in it's place if I just recode the new mechatronic that comes with the used trans and everything will be good to go? Or does...
  19. S

    Audi A4 2010 judder rattle low temps

    Hi all, Bought an Audi A4 Avant 2010 Multitronic 2.0l about 4 months ago and started having some issues with it. It has 130,000 miles. From cold it judders when moving off, has low power (until around 2000rpm) and awful rattle/grinding sound when pressing on the gas (up to around 1500 revs)...
  20. A

    Help Please A4 B8.5 Manual Gearbox Issues (no oil)

    I have a 2014 A4 petrol manual (B8.5), front wheel drive with around 20k miles. A few months ago, the clutch started slipping so I took the car to a local indie garage (Audi wanted 3k for the repair...) who replaced the clutch and flywheel (both of which had definitely worn at a low mileage??)...