1. O

    Q5 No communication with abs module

    Hey guys , I have a 2012 Q5 and im having a problem scanning the abs module I get no communication with abs control module on ECU AND TCM scan but when I try to scan the actual abs I get no response from VCDS or my launch scanner. I got a new module from the junk yard and connected it and...
  2. P

    VW Golf 2008 1.9 TDi MK60EC1 Abs pump. Cannot do basic settings.

    I have a 2008 MK 5 VW golf 1.9 TDi. I have had a brand new abs pump fitted. MK60EC1 1k0614517bj 1k0907379an. I have copied coding over from old pump and it has been accepted. When I get to Basic Setting for Hydraulic Unit Intake Valves. It will keep giving me the same value. Several times I have...
  3. shomi951

    Audi A3 8P ABS and ESP failure

    Dear All, Please help me to solve this fault, everything going fine until I have decided to change my 4 spoke steering wheel to 3 spoke steering wheel. After that and a couple of days, on my board, this error occurred. I have VCDS 17.1.3 and I have tried to clear these faults but they appear...
  4. Y

    CAN-BUS ABS wheel speeds A3 8L

    Hi guys, my name is Ygor and I'm developing some systems to get information from the CAN-BUS of the Audi A3 8L 1998-2006, I did some tests but I was not successful, I would like to know if anyone would have this information to help me. What I need is the Protocol (code) sent by Can for ABS...
  5. N

    What’s wrong with my car? A3 8PA 2009 3dr 1.8 TFSI

    I have these lights on the dash, got the car scanned and it’s showing these error codes, on the dash the esp light, the abs, hand brake light and eml light are on. The esp, abs and handbrake lights all flash on and off.
  6. Robkn87

    A4 B7 3.0 TDI Quattro Faults P3348 P0638 P1571 ESP Light not working, Juddering when Accelerating

    Hi All, New to the forum so thanks for having me. Im having some pretty frustrating probems with my 2005 A4 estate 3.0 TDI Quattro Automatic at the moment, I've had it in the garage and under diagnostics too and they are a little confused so wanted to ask around before i start throwing too...
  7. B

    ABS problem TT mk1 year 2000

    I have an ongoing problem with my abs, At low speed and gentle brake pressure the abs pump makes a ticking noise and the brake pedal "pumps" typical of abs but the car is going slow and the brakes are no where near locking. At higher speed when I stamp on the brakes everything works as it...
  8. N

    2010 ABS Plug TPMS Location...?

    Hey, I'm trying to locate what pin on the ABS module the 12V switched line from the TPMS dash button should be wired to? I've followed the steps located here, but the pins that are suggested for use on the ABS plug (27 or 41) are not correct for my 8P (NAR MY2010 2.0T). I've already completed...
  9. C4mbo

    Scan tool recommendations

    Morning everyone My first post on here. I was hoping for some advice on scan tools I'm going to replace my abs pump due to a goosed pressure switch. (Cheaper to change the whole pump) I've got a cheap bluetooth scan tool but I'm looking for an upgrade that will scan and activate the abs pump to...
  10. L

    A3 8P 2004/12 Instrument Cluster Swap ABS module warnings

    Hello all, my old cluster 8P0 920 930 Q has eeprom error and I've bought other newer cluster 8P0 920 931 (06 year), everything is working except ABS warning with esp on, parking brake blinking. No erros in any module. My ABS module code is 1K0 907 379 K. There is nothing to code in newer...
  11. I

    Numerous electrical faults whilst driving

    Hi guys Hate to be that guy that signs up to a forum just to leech some advice But in these snowy UK conditions my car is becoming almost un-driveable, and we uninformed are generally at the mercy of garages' knowledge and disposition towards ripping people off, so I am leaning on the good...
  12. V

    Audi A6 avant 2002

    Hi guys, Im new to the forum. I own a 2001 audi a6 avant 2.5 tdi automatic. Its a old car but it drives amazing( sometimes) and also i have spend a lot of money repairing it so i dont want to get rid of it. The issues with the car, i will try to keep them short. 1st issue and this is not...
  13. pilla

    Traction & ABS lights illuminate when Haldex engages

    Hi guys, having more issues with the S3 - Had to limp 20 miles home on 3 cylinders on Wednesday, have sorted that issue now, but its still registering a misfire on cylinder 1, i think the cylinder shut down for whatever reason. I Do still have a cyl 1 misfire code and also a camshaft over...
  14. Hender

    Power Steering / ABS dash lights

    Hi everyone. Our 2007 2.0tfsi 8p started lighting up the dash with errors. I have both VCDS and also a bluetooth dongle with Carista on my phone. Carista started reporting the following: Typed out for the benefit of anyone searching for these codes having a similar issue: P0441 00287 00778...
  15. Billy0123

    ESP & ABS lights illuminated and handbrake light flashing.. “Brake Fault”

    Hi all, Was looking for any sort of advice or direction. So, as described in the title, they’re the symptoms. Performance wise, it’s still running absolutely fine. I’ve not felt a change in power or the brakes. I took it to an auto-electrician for a scan, and it shown: “16352 - Control...
  16. S

    ABS and ESP Light on

    Hi Guys, 2007 Audi TT. ABS and ESP light is on. Randomly came on and wont go off. Any ideas what this could be? I know i need a scan to see the fault codes so if anyone is int the Berkshire area willing to help that would be appreciated :)
  17. V6_Man

    Help Please .First MOT, brake fluid change, warranty Checks and a remapped S4

    Folks, My B8.5 S4 is booked in tomorrow for her first MOT, brake fluid change and out-of-warranty checks. I ran a scan the other day using Carista and it showed one error re: ABS however, there is no warning on the DIS, at all. Below is the error that I got (and still showing after I cleared...
  18. Dylan Johnson

    Has anybody used this diagnostics tool or know if they work?

    I need to reset some lights in my car (abs, traction control, power steering).. VCDS is too expensive for 1 time use so I took it to a garage which used a tool which looked exactly like this. I know for 03+ Audi you need a VagCom cable to code stuff to the car but all I need is to just reset...
  19. aar007

    ABS Implausible signal?

    Dear fellows, About a month ago I was surprised with a new problem from my 8p (MY2012), when had to do an emergency full brake due to a new speed bump in my way back home. What happened is, I was driving at around 60 kmph and I buried the brake pedal to the floor, the car's back swerved a...
  20. E

    Audi A4 tick / scratching noise, parking brake fault

    So I picked up my 2011 Audi A4 Avant last week, and it's been an extremely good car. The car has followed service intervals, and has current gone about 86,000 km ≈ 53,000 miles. The other day, I got a warning message on the center driver display. However, the message disappeared as fast as it...