A3 8vs Halogen to led rear lights


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Hi guys

Recently bought an A3 saloon sport. Wondering if anyone on here has converted there halogen tailights to pfl led tailights.

I've bought some pfl led lights off eBay but the plugs are 4 pin on the car wiring and 5 pin on the led tailights. Does anyone know if there is a harness I can buy as I've looked everywhere and can only find for the 8p.

If not is there anyone that has a wiring diagram to make my own



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Its been discussed and if you search you'll soon pick up the how tos on the A3. Well done on your purchase.


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Thanks mate.
Been searching on here for hours with no luck
There's a lot of info on retrofitting fl dynamic indicators that's all I could find. Care to point me in the right direction please


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Hi did you manage to find a forum with the information you were after if so would you point me in the same direction, thanks

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