1. S

    Audi s3 mag ride suspension problems

    Hi, wondering if anyone can help I have a 2016 s3 saloon and the suspension light has come on the dash. I have tried changing level sensors etc, but no luck I have attached the fault codes, could someone help thanks.
  2. L

    Help needed - wheel colour on FL Ara Blue S3 saloon

    I picked up a black edition s3 saloon in ara blue last year. Recently drove over a massive pothole that buckled the front driver's side wheel. I've been to a repair shop who've told me that they can bend the wheel back into shape, but it can't be recut as it's been done too many times already...
  3. Inertiauk

    Parcel shelf/pannel rattle (Saloon | Bose)

    I remember this from my B6's but I just tolerated it. I want to fix it this time. So when playing via the bose at a moderate volume (usually liquid or intelligent DnB which I like to drive to, sometimes more punchy stuff too) the panel between the boot and cabin let's off some raspy vibratey...
  4. R

    S3 8Y front park aid sensors

    Hi, I’ve got a s3 8y saloon but it didn’t come with front park aid sensors. I was just wondering if anyone has been able to fit genuine sensors to the vehicle and programmed it to work. Is it possible to do that? If so what will I need to do it and how hard is it to do? I do have rear sensors...
  5. R

    Rear windscreen shattered

    Hi everyone, I got a s3 8y saloon, only had it for 2 months and my rear windscreen shattered when I put my heated screen on while I was driving. After it shattered there was an electrical burning smell coming for right hand side c pillar (I’m guessing the connector is there). I already have the...
  6. S

    Hesitation on gear change

    Hope someone can help. Audi s3 2016 s tronic saloon The other day from standstill I floored the peddle to the ground, i was in manual dynamic mode. I shifted early from 1st gear to 2nd at around 3000 revs but when i went to shift the revs dropped and it seemed like the car cut the power (no...
  7. damwee

    Saloon boot light / boot open warning SOLVED

    Just thought I'd create a thread to help anyone having the same issue I was having. Basically when my boot lid was opened beyond half way the boot light would go out. Furthermore if I open the boot with the button on the fob (while the rest of the car was locked) the alarm would go off when I...
  8. Olly P

    Looking for some advice, BMW 440i GC vs S3 Saloon

    My current cars is BMW 330D LCI but looking at new cars in the next few weeks as my E90's getting fairly high mileage. Budgets around £23k, starting to think about kids so needs to be practical, but also fast as really enjoyed the oomph of the 330D. I've always had my heart set on a 2016 ish...
  9. tobyhann

    Suspension!! Again!!

    Hi there newbie been reading loads of the suspension threads and confused on what to do! I have a 69 plate saloon with non mag ride suspension! I live in Somerset and the roads are horrible, I hear lots of good things about the MSS sport kit but as hear a lot of conflicting saying it only...
  10. Y

    2015 Audi s3 saloon coolant leak + oil leak

    So Iv had 2015 saloon Audi s3 3 years now 2nd owner Never had a problem Only recently noticed that I had to top up coolant twice in the past 2 month So showed it to the mechanics he had a look under the car first so we noticed oil on the under tray. Removed the under tray and a pool of oil. He...
  11. S

    In search for alloy s3 saloon

    Does anyone or know anyone who has alloys for sale, audi s3 2016 saloon, see picture for alloys in search for. Have searched the whole of ebay gumtree etc with no luck, all are either damaged or not willing to deliver and are over 6 hours away from me. Thanks in advance
  12. I

    Audi a3 2014 8v halogen to xenon headlights retrofit

    Hi everyone, I recently bought Audi a3 2014 8v m, however it is with halogen headlights. I am currently planning to retrofit bi xenon headlights, however I am not sure what parts do I need ? I have seen on ebay Hella bi xenon headlights for £350 each and it doesn’t sound too bad to me, however I...
  13. Veeman

    Audi A3 2014 4 door boot button manual opening not working

    Hi All, First post here. Apologies for any mistakes or posting it in the wrong place. I've been going around trying to find an answer to my issue but I can't seem to find anything that satisfies my question. So the situation is, I bought an Audi A3 4 door from a used car dealership. Car was...
  14. J

    Wanted S3 Saloon Sepang Blue PFL

    Is anyone selling a Sepang blue S3 Saloon? Preferably a good bit of spec on it, I’m from Northern Ireland and have went to travel to Scotland and England to view a few and been let down last minute both times, ideally would want super sport seats, B&O system at least
  15. Lauster23

    USB charge cable for android

    hey guys so I’ve recently jumped from iPhone to android, more specifically the new Oneplus 6t! Highly recommend if anyone else was contemplating a change..... Anyway, I need to get a new USB adaptor charge cable to link up to the Audi MMI now. I’ve tried to research online but I can’t seem to...
  16. Lauster23

    A3 Saloon tyre choice help

    Hi all, with so many tyre choices out there, need a few recommendations on tyre choices please? Looking for a reasonable priced tyre that’ll do a good job on all weather conditions. I own an A3 saloon tfsi 65 plate. Currently still have the original tyres on which are Dunlop 225 40r18 I done...
  17. S

    Facelift Spoiler, splitter/lip

    Hello guys, Does anyone have any recomendations on rear lip spoilers and front splitters for facelift saloon s3, so many on eBay but worried about it being of bad quality and looking tacky. Just wondering what others have brought and their feedback. Cheers.
  18. R

    New RS3 saloon and CarbonCeramic Brakes HELP

    Hi guys As my Audi dealer canceled me my AUDI rs3 order, because new RS3 2019 model is comeing (incl. GPF) I fight hard to find some next car on DE dealers. I found one in the same config (except brakes). Car have actualy 2200km and its 1 year old/ as some vw groupe manager used it just for...
  19. AudiA6LeMans

    A6 Number Plate Lights

    Hello people, So on my Audi A6 2010 Saloon one of my number plate light bulb is blown. So I decided to change both number plate light bulbs and went to buy LED bulbs from Amazon. So they finally arrived today and I fitted them on but they do not light and I get the warning light on the...
  20. RSMinty

    Saloon Ordering an RS3 soon. I have some questions.

    Hi all, I've reached out to Audi and they will be contacting me once the 2019 order book comes out. I have been slowly putting together some things Id like done with the car once it arrives in a couple months time. 1. Is a full Paint Protection Film worth it? I am still debating if this is a...