A new dimension in space and technology – the inside story on the new Audi Q4 e-tron

Q4 etron 11

Interior preview of Audi’s new fully electric compact SUV reveals innovative design and technology and an abundance of space
  • Augmented reality head-up display as pioneering display technology
  • New steering wheel generation with touch operation, MMI display with a diagonal of up to 11.6 inches
  • Navigation: the drone flies ahead
  • The augmented reality head-up display demonstrates its strengths in a particularly impressive way in the context of navigation.
  • A drone you say? Not quite like that no.
  • What is known as the drone – a floating arrow – shows the next point of action on the route. It is dynamic: When approaching an intersection, for example, the floating arrow first announces the turning manoeuvre before an animated arrow steers the driver onto the road with precision. If the route then continues straight ahead, the drone flies ahead and disappears in order to then reappear with sufficient time before the next point of action. The distance to the turning point is displayed in metres in the lower window of the near-field area.

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