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Nov 13, 2007
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I was rummaging around my room a couple of weeks back and found some proper old school games that I hadn't played in years! One of them was Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. I loved this game!! Installed it a few days ago and it brought back some memories! I had to complete all the different endings lol.

The other one I found was Prince of Persia. The very first one! I could never quite remember why I stopped playing it and then I remembered when I installed it and got playing. I kept friggin dying!!! lol Not an easy one! Not for me anyway!
Ahh, the old yins are the best eh!!!

Sensible Soccer, Cannon Fodder, etc etc, lost many an hour on them!
Original Tomb Raider

I remember staying up until 5am once using those walkthrough guides :laugh:
LOL! I had Tomb Raider 2 and needed the walkthroughs! I remember the guys at school going on about some bath or shower scene or something.

I used to be on Grand Prix 2 ALL the time! I had a steering wheel and pedals for it and got to the point where in the car settings I was fine tuning damper, rebound, ride hight, tyre settings etc. Never used to come off it lol. Of course my favourite thing when I got bored was turn the damage off and drive round backwards and destroy all the other cars lol :happy:
i am in total agreement with foxmeister's games just mentioned were amazing aswell as monkey islands were my other big games i miss
Ahh, the old yins are the best eh!!!

Sensible Soccer, Cannon Fodder, etc etc, lost many an hour on them!

wow , me also have waste my time with this types of games ,
you & i have some similarity ...
nice to think this ....
I know someone who helped develop cannon fodder, crazy! Was an ace game. I also loved playing outrun when I was a bit younger.

I'm feeling the Tomb Raider love too, remember thinking that she was hot too...haha


Gotta love those triangle boobs...i've yet to see a woman with them, that's how hot she is!
I still play 8 bit games I put on my Wii. I play Dune 2000 on my pc. Quake, Quake 2, Duke Nukem 3D, Shogo and such.
I have a mame emulator and three dvds full of roms.Its rygar,phoenix etc for me!Really need to find an old school joypad though...like the ones on the megadrive
Broken sword was the bomb yall, i used to get stuck on the goat in ireland as someone said to me use the handkerchief but never worked, played about 3 years ago and i completed yay!!! i used to love F22(a proper and the only realistic jet fighter game ive ever played in my life) and who remebers G-Police???
IK+ karate game playabe to the ilt what more do you want
i used to love F22(a proper and the only realistic jet fighter game ive ever played in my life)

I still play F22 Lighting 3 every now and then! It's brilliant! I also used to play Commanche 3. I remember that you used pretty much every key on the keyboard to play the ******!
God I must be a game addict played most of the games mentioned here but the ones that took up most of my time was Quake, Quake 2 , Quake 3 where I played every night in a clan was fun.

And not forgetting from my childhood 3d Monster maze on zx81 I recently downloaded an emulatro for that and how did that dinosour scare me as a kid, we had vivid imaginations back then :)
Yes! Amazing 3 player 2 player and all that.

Jet Set Willy?
Jet Set Willy ha ha. I had that on a spectrum 48k! The security to play involved a playing card with a mass of small pixelated colours that were columned and rowed. Mind you if you didnt get the volume and tone settings just right on the tape player,it would crash, So you had to rewind the whole tape, and then try again and it was about 4 or 5 minutes to load the game!!!
I think i've owned most of the games mentioned here. I knew there was reasion i never did much in college. lol

I was sorting out alot of my old CD and found all my old games, tempted to install a couple. Carmagedon, SiN, MDK, Interstate 57 and starcraft but then I remember how bad the graphics was and how good today games are to play.
I think i'll stick with Fallout and the new starcraft. lol

Any one remember Commander Keen or that 3D platform game where you stuck in the rain forest in a different planet? I can't remember the name.
lol nice i fired up the original doom the other day just for cracks. that was quite funny. i quickly found a ported version for my phone. n900 along with quake 3 :D

kingpin ahh man! the language in that game was nuts!

i want a copy :D
Kingpin was banned for a while, i remember having to buy a new graphics card to play it! Carmageddon 2 was one of the best driving games i ever played, brings back so much memorys.

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