The Audi 50 turns...50!

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  • The “mini Audi” provided the template for the VW Polo
  • A total of 180,828 Audi 50s were built between 1974 and 1978
It arrived at just the right time: The Audi 50, the first small car from a German manufacturer, was launched in 1974, shortly after the beginning of the oil crisis in 1973. Its fuel consumption was economical, and its design pioneering: front-wheel drive with a transverse engine, a two-door hatchback with a large trunk and fold-down backrest, compact external dimensions, and appealing road performance and driving characteristics. Moreover, the Audi 50 was a blueprint for the structurally almost identical VW Polo, which was launched seven months later, leveraging synergies within the Volkswagen Group – already a recipe for success half a century ago.

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The Audi 50 turns...50!

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Nico Hülkenberg announced as driver for the Audi F1 team

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