Audi A1 2012 1.2TFSI petrol, strange IDLE shakes


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Aug 8, 2023
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Hi Guys

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So I have a 2012 Audi A1 1.2TFSI Petrol | Manual | 165 000KM / 102526.25 miles

Here is a breakdown of an annoying issue that is plaguing me, that I cannot seem to get rid of.

When the car is standing for a few hours say + - 7 - 9 hours at work, when starting the revs sit above 1000 RPM for about 30 seconds then slowly drop down to under 1000 RPM.

When the drop happens I notice for a few seconds after I get a weird shake in the idle, nothing too crazy but enough to notice.

This happens everytime the car is standing for a period of a few hours.

What is strange is in the mornings when it has been standing over night and is much colder I only get the strange IDLE shake for a few seconds then it goes away.

Here is a link to a video captured after starting the car when leaving from work:

What has been done to the car:

Spark plugs were replaced with NGK last year November 2022.

In the last 3 months:

New throttle body (engine light and EPC light were coming on and car was going into limp mode)
New timing chain (was noisy and on max tension)
New water pump (small leak)
New coil pack + leads (these were not done with the spark plugs, so went ahead and replaced)
New oil sensor and oil pressure sensor (yellow oil light kept coming and going away and then eventually stayed on)
New 10w40 oil (Shell Helix HX7 SN)
Bottle sensors cleaned out (bonnet light was randomly coming on and off)

I am pulling my hair out because I love my A1 and I really do not want to leave any issues unchecked.

Any advice on what should be done?