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  1. C

    Media unit - main control button not working 8XA035192C, 66 plate

    Hello, so I have had some issues with the 8XA035192C unit - basically, the main control swivel button isn't working, so I am unable to press things such as to update/confirm tyre pressure, or press yes to pair to connect Bluetooth, all because the main one button is not working, all the other...
  2. enginelight-ZA

    Audi A1 2012 1.2TFSI petrol, strange IDLE shakes

    Hi Guys First post on this forum.:audibash: Shoutout to the supermini boys and girls. :friends: So I have a 2012 Audi A1 1.2TFSI Petrol | Manual | 165 000KM / 102526.25 miles Here is a breakdown of an annoying issue that is plaguing me, that I cannot seem to get rid of. When the car is...
  3. 7

    Audi A1 Gearbox issues? (help required)

    Hello all, I have an Audi A1 2010 1.6 (manual) which has recently developed gearbox/transmission issues. What will happen is I will be plodding along in 3rd gear and go to change into 4th. No issues with changing gears with the gear stick, however the car will hit a false like neutral and will...
  4. J

    12mm Eibach Wheel Spacers For Sale

    12mm Eibach Wheel Spacers available for the Audi A3 (all years) the kit does not come with bolts and has only been test fitted. £68 - delivery available to anywhere in the UK. Size - 5x112 12mm AUDI A1 05.10 - AUDI A1 09.11 -
  5. A

    Audi a1 1.6tdi bonnet and front wing/fender lines look out of place. Normal or what???

    Hello dear fellas, my gf mom has bought her Audi a1 1.6tdi, year 2016. So my gf has got the car home and I've looked at it first time, and after quick look straight away I've noticed poor quality on the front, I mean body lines between the bonnet and front wings and headlights. To me it looks...
  6. A

    Xenon adjustment issue

    Greetings friends, I recently purchased an Audi A1 (2011 model). Headlights r Bi Xenon. I’ve run into a problem, ever since I purchased the car the headlights on right and left side are completely messed up. Left side is extremely low, meanwhile the right sides height is too elevated. I opened...
  7. Connor Johnstone

    Black Badges for S1

    Hi, does any one know where I can get rear black badges for a s1 (black s1 badge and black Audi rings)?
  8. A

    Driving through water

    I have an Audi A1 2016 sportsback model. Recently heavy rains started in our country and yesterday I had to drive through a big puddle in a very narrow road. water was almost still and I slowly went through and it maybe took me about 10 seconds. Heard water rumbling and splashing on floorboard...
  9. D

    Audi A1 Quattro Spoiler

    Hi All, Does anyone know where i could get an Audi A1 Quattro Spoiler for my s1 3 door. anyone make them in fibreglass?
  10. N

    Coolant Warning Light

    Hi folks, New to the forum and A1's but not Audi's had 3 myself but just bought a 2010 A1 1.6TDI last night for the wife. Small issue though, the red coolant warning light has come up on the DIS instructing me to turn off the engine and check the coolant level. The dealer did mention this...
  11. S

    My Audi A1 1.4 Review - Video

    By hook or by crook and all that... hello Here is my Audi short A1 review hope you like it and agree with my thoughts.
  12. S

    A1 strange idling noise...

    Anyone have any idea what this might be caused by? Any thoughts welcomed! Garage bought from seem to think this is totally normal. Happens at random but worse once warmed up.