Strange vibration a6 Avant


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May 11, 2015
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Hi all.

I have a strange vibration on my A6 that we’ve been trying to cure for a few months now.

It’s the 272 s tronic Quattro and it has it from about 53mph. Not as bad when you got 70-75.

It’s had all suspension arms done. New tyres. Wheels balanced and re balanced, new pads and discs.

It’s had centre bearing checked which is all good. It had a brand new gearbox fitted 30k miles ago.

No one can seem to give me an answer on what it could be. Has anyone had anything similar or know of what it could be?

You can feel it through the seats, floor and steering wheel.


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My answer is not Audi specific, but my so drove his Mercedes over a pothole. New tyre needed, obviously wheel and tyre were balanced, but car had vibration. In the end after a 4 wheel suspension alignment, which didn't make the vibration any better, the wheel was checked for roundness and was found to be buckled. A new wheel and the car was like new. And btw my son had photo evidence of the pothole, so Lincolnshire Council ended up paying a bill of a few hundred pounds.
There was a feeling amongst people he spoke to that large diameter rims and low profile tyres could have contributed to the problem.