Audi A4 Service Schedule


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May 3, 2018
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Hi Folks,

Just wanted to confirm the following, I have a 2020 Audi A4 which is due its first service. I have the car on PCH and I will be handing back in Year 3 ( August 2023).

The car has approx 9,500 miles in 2 years and I am estimating to drive around a maximum of 6,000 miles in the next year.

I have been quoted the below from various dealers in the Midlands:

Audi Leicester

Option 1: Pay as you go

Major Service including the pollen filter - £565.03

Brake Fluid Change - £133.20

Tamworth Audi

Major Service (excluding the pollen filter) £414.67 Major Service = 1x Oil Service + 1x Inspection

Audi Nottingham

Major Service = £449.65 = Inspection / Oil Change / Pollen Filter

Service Plan

All dealers are also offering a service package that include the following:
1x Major Service including the pollen filter AND 1x Minor Service
For a One off payment - £539.77 or 0% payment plan


A couple of questions...

1) Would you recommend getting the Pollen Filter Changed? (looking on youtube it seems like something I could do myself?)

2) Would you recommend getting the brake fluid changed? (Only Audi Leicester mentioned this service)

3) Would the next scheduled service be due in the 4th year (2024) when I no longer own the car..?
Brake fluid is supposed to be changed every 2 years and Tamworth Audi charged me about £70 for this in March 2021. This should be a fairly consistent price across other dealers, but you don't have to have it done at a main dealer of course.

If your car is on the fixed service schedule then its every year or 9000 miles I believe. If it is flexible then it is every 2 years or 19,000 miles I think.
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I think you will find the 1st brake fluid change is at 3 years old and then every two years.

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It’s something that is set during the service so it doesn’t really matter what schedule your car is currently on, you just request the relevant when you book it in. If you do higher mileage then you generally want to be on flexible (although there are many who say 19,000 miles is too long between oil changes) but most garages view a flexible service as a major and charge accordingly - effectively you’re just missing out the interim service from the fixed plan.
It used to be the case that a different oil was used for the flexible (or long life) service but I think it’s all the same now.
Also, I think flexible is 2 years or 19,000 miles rather than fixed which is 1 year or 10,000 miles…
10,000 miles for me is around 4 months so flexi works best for me but each to their own.
I think you will find the 1st brake fluid change is at 3 years old and then every two years.

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It used to be 3 years the every 2, but it changed around 2019 or so, so now it is every 2 years from new. Something to do with the brake fluid type used in factory.
Hi Folks,

My car is financed through Lex Auto Lease (PCH)..I just called them and they said apparently I can use any dealer I want for servicing it does not need to be Audi?

...only requirement is Audi Approved parts must be used. Interestingly when I search for a local dealer on the lex auto lease website it brings up the nearest Audi dealers then gives me results such as Kwik Fit and Halfords etc...

I rang Lex Auto lease twice to speak to two different people and they both confirmed it can be "any approved franchised dealer" just wondering if anyone had the same experience? I am just a bit worried at the end of the lease they will sting me and say "you didn't get the servicing done by audi"

I rang a local Audi Specialist and they said they can use audi approved parts and can update the digital service history...does this sound right?
Hi Folks just an update here...for those looking for Audi A4 2.0L Petrol Service Pricing in the UK

Audi Tamworth quoted me 1x Oil Service & 1x Inspection £414.67 (is this a major service?)

Audi Nottingham quoted me Major Service which was £449.65 (includes Oil Service / Inspection and Pollen Filter)

Audi Leicester quoted me Major Service which was £565.03 (includes Oil Service / Inspection / Pollen Filter) (Both Audi Leicester and Nottingam are the same franchise so I'm confused with the price difference...)

Audi Leicester also added I should get a brake fluid change which would be an additional £133.20

Independant Audi Specialist in Leicester quoted me £410 which includes (Oil Service / Inspection / Pollen Filter and Brake Fluid Change) Apparently they can also update the digital service history of the car...(This seems the best value?)

Kwik fit quoted me for an "Audi Approved Service" 1x Oil Service , 1x Inspection, 1x Pollen filter for £257.45 (they cannot update digital service history)

Unsure who to use...I only have the car for 1 more year and then it's going back.
If you can get Lex to confirm to you in an email that as long as Audi parts are used you can get it serviced wherever then that should make the decision clearer?
It’s probably in your pch contract too if you dig a little.
Although I’d avoid Kwik Fit obvs
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I have looked through the contract it just says "franchised dealer" when I enter my reg on the lex website it brings up Halfords and Kwik-Fit as places I can service the car (albeit this is right at the bottom of the list with three local audi dealers coming up first)..but still a bit worried as I do not want to get stung when I hand the car back in anyway...Lex are refusing to send me anything in writing stating I can service the car at any service center as long as they use audi approved parts. So I am just going to bite the bullet and get it done at my Local Audi Dealer.

I had a call from my local audi dealer out of the blue this morning who said apparently all I need to have is an "Oil Service which includes new oil and filter chance" they have priced this at £290 which seems okay! I asked for confirmation if this is all I needed and I was told yes nothing else was required.

Some places are telling me I need a "major service" which includes a new pollen filter and brake fluid change...( I am guessing these are "recommended") I can also see a lot of similar threads here..stating it depends on X and Y on what service you need.

According to the Audi UK Website and the MMI I need:
An Oil Service (Due in 21 days)
An Inspection Service (Due 18.08.2022)

I am starting to think things have changed from when I was growing up when there was simply a "minor" service and a "major service" a minor would be oil and oil filter and a major would be things like spark plugs / air filter etc.

I guess now its "An Inspection Service" and based on this they will tell you what parts you need to replace?

Anyway I will be speaking to the service manager at my local dealer and will just pay what I need to, to get the car sorted...

(Prices for servicing have now changed as we are in July, I believe there is 20% off at Audi Dealerships)